3Ways Diseases Stay Away(part2)

3Ways Diseases Stay Away (part 2)

What does an overdose of Vitamin C does to the body? Pharmacist says there is no lethal dose of Vitamin C, excess just comes out in ones urine.

Do you know who the villain in the Dark Knight coming movie? It’s non other than the Joker, a cruel serious joker portrayed by the late Heath Ledger. Last January 22 of this year the actor was found lying down naked dead at his apartment at Lower Manhattan, New York.
NEWS: Heath Ledger Passion Purpose Suicide
Heath Ledger death may or may not have been suicide but drugs, alcohol, and food can kill overtime.
FACTS: Heath Ledgers death was confirmed to be an Accidental Overdose.
A drug overdose is the accidental or intentional use of a drug or medicine in an amount that is higher than is normally consumed. All drugs have the potential to be misused, whether legally prescribed or purchased over-the-counter at the local drug store, or bought illegally on the street. Taken in combination with other drugs or with alcohol, even drugs normally considered safe can cause death or serious long term consequences.

Children are particularly at risk for accidental overdose, accounting for over one million poisonings each year from drugs, alcohol, and other chemicals and toxic substances. People who suffer from depression and who have suicidal thoughts are also at high risk for drug overdose.
A serious history of deaths from drug overdose are recorded, including mostly from celebrities, musicians and even respectful rich people of the society, not to mention the alcoholics from the elite class that goes back and forth to the alcohol rehabilitation centers and their psychiatrists. Anyone can name them; they are always in the news drunken driving or even shop-lifting.
“Drink moderately” – An alcohol ads says plus a compliment of food supplement for the liver is the trends of advertising nowadays. It’s the classic herbal and natural food supplement are back in the market.
“Smoking is hazardous to your health” is a must tag on every cigar pack. Alcohol and cigars are the highest tax generating products of the society that even the late Chairman Mao Tse Tung promotes cigarette smoking.
A more serious person must distinguish what he wants and what he needs. With all the commercial ads everywhere that twists the brain from wanting more and more to consume whatever it takes without any consideration of whatever results it brings.
All too much or too many of anything is bad. When one overeats it turns out to be excess fats of the body so slimming turns out now to be a big fiasco for the society. And overeating generates more unknown internal sickness that when it’s far too serious to cure when we knew it. Remember: Prevention is better than cure and Ignorance is No excuse.
So be more sober, and do not abuse oneself cause if one stays in this condition indiscriminately it will be harder the next time to make a disease stay away.
3Ways Diseases Stay Away(3rd part)

3Ways Diseases Stay away

3Ways Diseases Stay Away

Science, philosophy and religion combined in one aspect-cleanliness.

Religion says that “cleanliness is next to godliness” which is acceptable by people from all walks of life, regardless of one being a Catholic, Muslim, or if you’re a member of any religious sect, Cleanliness is highly consider.
Different religions consider the act of cleanliness as it manifest in their different lifestyles. Others wear white outfits every time they go to their churches, temples or place of worships, because white symbolizes purity. But others view cleanliness on a much higher platform. Cleanliness of the heart, mind and spirit, a clean mind does not see a beautiful woman and contemplate desirously with all passion in the mind. Some religious sect sees this contemplation of the mind as a grievous sin, a sinful unclean act.

Yes, scientifically proven that being clean in ones habit are prone not to sickness. Like washing ones hands before and after eating or doing anything the body is concerns with.
The more sensitive people pay more attention on drinking clean water, breathing in clean air and an environment away from air or noise pollution of rural places. They seek a cleaner and sensitive lifestyle with all the health food awareness in mind, with exercises and all the fitness food supplements.
There was a community in India that wears mask 24/7, to avoid breathing in living species that exist in air environment and less “karma” too. They say that sleeping is as worst as sweating in a work-out because while sleeping all the toxic wastes of the skin and the body excretes while sleeping, so these community changes their sleeping tools like blankets fanatically everyday.
Home, schools, office works, malls, theaters, playgrounds, restaurants and food chains and hospitals, where most people practically dies, practice severe rules and practices of cleanliness. Maybe this is required by laws, yes a requirement or not one must, it is a must to practice and make it a life style of cleanliness to keep sickness away, its one way of preventing one misery after the other.

3Ways Diseases Stay Away (part 2)

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My roots……

My Roots……

I came from a country consisting of 1,107 islands called the “Pearl of the Orients Seas”.

It was named after the king of Spain, King Phillip, since the Spaniards are the ones who (said to be) discovered the Island, now it is called the Philippines islands.

But there were still strong malays, the first brown people who are the inhabitants of the islands that fought back to the conquistadores, the conquerors.

The Philippines has many conquerors, that make faces as traders but in reality are the “silent invaders”. The Philippines is divided into three archipelago, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The Spaniards invade the Visayan islands and parts of Mindanao, while the rest of the neighbor asians and Americans scattered around all over the islands looking for good strategies in both sea, land and even air.

There are many beautiful stories different Spanish leaders who come to the island with their variety of purposes and how the native Filipinos welcome them or drive them away because of their abuses, countless abuses on land, properties and rights, wealth and their women.

Spices is said to be the main reason of Spanish conquering the world and the truth is that there are more then 100 strong herbs in the island that can cure, relieved great diseases around the world like HIV and cancer….it is updated to this time and I will feature it in my upcoming post.

The Clark Air Base located in the mid-section of Luzon up to the bayside of Zambales, Olongapo city lies the Subic Naval Base of U.S.A. and one also at Cavite city, the Sangley Point of the Philippines and Camp John Hay at Baguio city, the summer capital of the country. These are all the influenced of the Americans and they left country a lot of influence in culture, lifestyles, food, music and innumerable things until their last influence the Subic and the Clark Air Base close contract in the 90’s.

The Asian influence was a very silent invasion; it was just like a sleeping dragon that when it wakes up, all that reaches his sight is his own. They are the so called traders, our neighboring traders.

So as you can summarized my roots, its all mixes up from different cultures, different races, from south, east and west, just according to the time and space it occurs. As you can see, they have different stories to tell, beautiful and amazing stories and lots to learn to with this mix mind to write these, Please do go back o visit this sight and be patient to read it. Thank you.

Who am I?

Who am I?

“Human life is meant for thoughtfulness”

55 years since my parents started counting last 14th of September 1952, but I started counting by myself when I was 16, that is when my mother pass away.

For almost everybody, that’s the way it is, where there is birth, death is certain.

This is life, birth and death plus the in-betweens like adolescence, joy, diseases, laughter…

Family, children….birthdays……anniversaries….Christmas and Halloweens…..and New Years, Valentines day, Mothers day, Fathers day whatever day to remember cause this is the essence of human life, remembering, thoughtfulness.

Through the years of this life, the one basic question in life that every time pops out of my head is the question “Who am I?” From other questions in life we are seeking for answers goes back always to this question.

The question of overpopulation for example deals with the personal craving of an individual – the craving of wanting to enjoy something and that something is still what?

Still another question.

An individual wants to enjoy life like eating – everyone likes to eat tasty foodstuff without its health value’s consideration. Sweets, cakes & pastries, junk foods and every non nutritional foodstuff their tongue dictates. Family and friends do enjoy a lobster party or a lobster picnic, right?

Every individual wants to enjoy their different lifestyle of sleeping, like on waterbed

Cool air conditioning rooms, townhouses, condominiums and the endless lifestyles on TVs and media networks.

Now no one forgets the enjoyment of sex, which almost marriage counselors blame to be the highest cause of Divorce, unsatisfied sex relationship. Overpopulation was blamed at the unregulated sex lifestyles around the globe, unsatisfied sex life results to surmountable social problems; Gay marriage is now legal to other states and countries, pedophiles is an issue around the world and the “FOR HIRE animals for sex”.

Why, why there is no satisfaction, there must be some reasons, there must be some answers to these questions. Who am I and where am I going to after…………???

My next post will be about my profile.

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