Who am I?

Who am I?

“Human life is meant for thoughtfulness”

55 years since my parents started counting last 14th of September 1952, but I started counting by myself when I was 16, that is when my mother pass away.

For almost everybody, that’s the way it is, where there is birth, death is certain.

This is life, birth and death plus the in-betweens like adolescence, joy, diseases, laughter…

Family, children….birthdays……anniversaries….Christmas and Halloweens…..and New Years, Valentines day, Mothers day, Fathers day whatever day to remember cause this is the essence of human life, remembering, thoughtfulness.

Through the years of this life, the one basic question in life that every time pops out of my head is the question “Who am I?” From other questions in life we are seeking for answers goes back always to this question.

The question of overpopulation for example deals with the personal craving of an individual – the craving of wanting to enjoy something and that something is still what?

Still another question.

An individual wants to enjoy life like eating – everyone likes to eat tasty foodstuff without its health value’s consideration. Sweets, cakes & pastries, junk foods and every non nutritional foodstuff their tongue dictates. Family and friends do enjoy a lobster party or a lobster picnic, right?

Every individual wants to enjoy their different lifestyle of sleeping, like on waterbed

Cool air conditioning rooms, townhouses, condominiums and the endless lifestyles on TVs and media networks.

Now no one forgets the enjoyment of sex, which almost marriage counselors blame to be the highest cause of Divorce, unsatisfied sex relationship. Overpopulation was blamed at the unregulated sex lifestyles around the globe, unsatisfied sex life results to surmountable social problems; Gay marriage is now legal to other states and countries, pedophiles is an issue around the world and the “FOR HIRE animals for sex”.

Why, why there is no satisfaction, there must be some reasons, there must be some answers to these questions. Who am I and where am I going to after…………???

My next post will be about my profile.

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i was born in a simple living and high thinking....

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