For Adults Only?

At start up.

“Life begins at 40″? Well, life begins when tiny sperms race to the fertile grounds inside the womb, it begins during conception. When these sperms touches this fertile ground, life begins. Just like a seed that touches the ground, goes underneath and watered, the seed grows into a seedling.

The pros & the antis of the society debate on this. The anti-abortion is the pro-life while the pro-abortion is anti-life(sounds strange). The pros think that the baby in the womb is not yet living or no life at all or should they say that “it”, the baby is not consciousness until it comes out from the womb, then “it” is alive.

The antis or the pro-life states that the baby inside the womb is alive, it grows day by day, week by week, and months. Science proves these cycles of growing while inside the womb, the growing of nails, eyes, hairs and sexual organs. When the sperms landed to a place called the fallopian tube, the sperms dies and become toxic and kills the mother within 24hrs.

To be continued….