For Adults Only? Cycle 2

Cycle 2

When the sperm enters the fallopian tube, it dies because it is alienated to it, it is not the compatible domain for them. It becomes toxic and secretes poison to the mother and must under go a major operation to remove the fallopian tube.

It takes more than 36 weeks to complete the development from fetus to a fully grown baby. Science has its researches and the scriptures tells it. When the tiny human comes out of the womb, it cries, it is alive and kicking and the mother was joyful. It takes time till he crawls, sit, mumbles words  and walk. As he grew up, he passes again different stages, the age of puberty, adolescent stage until he develop into a full grown man or woman. The body undergoes different changes as it grows just like a butterfly that started from a cocoon or a frog from a tag pole.

As time goes, he was now attracted to the opposite sex, got married and build his own family and have children of his own. (Not to speak of the engagement in life,upbringing, education, work, and other social problems, it’s another series of post) And his children begets children too.

Now this is cycle 3, he is now an adult and aging. Old age limits one’s propensities, sight becomes poor, a need of hearing aid and viagra at night. Old people becomes aware of their diet. They cannot eat all what they want like in the younger days. The are limit to eating lots of fruits and vegetables now, no alcohol, not even moderate and no smoking. The erectile dysfunction is visible and a need for more walking and excersises.

Scientist research for the “fountain of youth” was a total frustration. One cannot enjoy life at an aging stage. The mind is very eager and desirous to enjoy but the body cannot. We can slow down old age but we cannot stop the next cyle.

One of my taichi teacher told me that taichi is not for old people but rather it is for young, because it effects the whole body as a whole to slow down aging. It affects the circulation of blood, the air we breath in and our energy retains. Taichi has an innumerable effect to the practitioner.

Do we need to reach this stage and start to ascend back? Well it is better late than never or what the hell about it, we will all get old and die. Enjoy life while young……to be continued

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