For Adults Only? Cycle3-next level


Enjoy life while young….the question is, it is enjoyable?

People of an early age get to enjoy life to the fullest, they can eat anything they want, they can drink sky is the limit and have sex till they last drop. They can party all night and enjoy their favorite sports with less exhaustion and their energy back the next day. Young queer ones explore new adventures with drugs, smoking and alcohol but ignorance is no excuse, these stuffs for sure limits life’s extension.

Aging people try to extend their desire to enjoy or rather they try to extend being young for the reason of enjoyment, insecurities and frustrations. As men suffers erectile dysfunction, women has menopause stage. This is how the “ripe” faces old age problem, but they still find solutions to these. Viagra is one, hormones injection and other options. Women take advances of the high technology of cosmetics to erase wrinkles, face sagging and every signs of aging that manifest on their face. They now attend to their fitness to maintain their attractive sexy figures afraid of being left behind. Their enjoyment to eat they can is limit and minimize because of their aging situation.

Old people must or they do realized that their time limit is now set….set to the next level? Whether one likes it or not, there is no matter of choices, it is bound that the next thing to old age is dead(another blog).

I just want to express the thoughts of old age and its miseries. Do we have to wait for this time to come where we can not cope to it or make a prompt before we age? Do we need to experience wanting to enjoy but our body cannot? Old peoples mind has still the strong urges to enjoy(sex) but their body cannot react to it. Do we need to experience living in the home for the aged, alone? Just left alone thinking of the good or bad memoirs in the past. Do we need to experience lapses of memory before we can remember Our Father, A Savior or a merciful God, who is just waiting for us to approach Him and ask help or forgiveness, probably before we go old.

We must prepare ourselves by knowing that time is one factor in life that we cannot retrieve. The memories of an old man is the one left enjoyable to him and the same time is painful. Let us not waste the time of being young and energetic. “Human life is meant for thoughtfulness”.

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i was born in a simple living and high thinking....

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