Death of a Loved One-”I’m leaving”

dead-lonely Death experienced is a very painful experience.

It is common to see the loved ones of the person who just passed away, mourning and crying all tears at the funeral in front of the casket of the person who left them. They are in full misery, out of loved to the person who just died. They are missing the happy moments with him and everything around him. Whatever the relation they have to the person a wife or husband, father, mother, son, daughter or whatever, it is really painful specially when you have a long time of togetherness and bonding. Specially when the person is of good character even neighbors mourns for his death.

A loving husband so dear to his wife and children brings sorrows and pain to the ones being left behind and it will takes time to heal the pain. A responsible father, a good provider, a counselor and a good husband will be remembered by all the rest of his family. He did not bring any problems at home but instead he takes all the responsibility and give solutions to all members and kin. Everyone is proud for him and every good deeds he made was always praise at his wake, everything, his achievements, everything.

“Is daddy in heaven?” A tearful question of a young girl address to her mother.

The pain of death of a loved one is understandable, but do we ever think of the situation of the one who died? Yes, maybe at the time of his death bed, dying from a painful disease we can see or imagine his pain.

But do we ever think of the pain while leaving your loved ones? Let put ourselves to the “one” leaving our loved ones, to the one dying…….