The Luxury of Spas

spa1Locate a patch of trees and expect to find water underneath as well. Just like plants, man can survive for many weeks without solid food as long as he has water to drink. Traditionally water is considered the source of all life. What magical powers water possess?

Immerse yourself in water and relieve the ills of the flesh. Known as hydrotherapy, this has been one of the most effective forms of medicine since the ancient times. Submersion in water allows tired tissues to relax and recover stamina. A warm bath stimulates circulation, luring blood to the body’s extremities to soothe, calm, and sedate.

On the other hand, cold water inhibits the circulation to the skin, redirecting blood to the vital organs in order to restore, energize, and build resistance to diseases. Bathing in a warm tub relaxes tense muscles, turning the mind inward and instilling that sense of peace as stress drifts away.

A spas bath is an extraordinary treatment when mineral-rich sea water or fresh spring water is used. For this reason, many of the sought-after spas in the world are located on coastal areas or adjacent to natural mineral springs. Coastal spas pump in sea water for thalassic therapy – Greek for “sea treatment”. The water is heated since it is believed that doing so increases the adoption of minerals.

Mineral water spas divert water gushing from its underground source into pipes connected to the treatment rooms. In a certain area, the quality of spring water may vary, some waters sparkling with natural carbonation, which increases circulation and flushes impurities out of the skin. According to those who bathe in such therapeutic waters, the bathe stimulates as well as relaxes the mind and draw out toxins from the body. These processes are intended to cool inflammation and makes muscles more supple. The water leaves the skin soft, velvety, and well-hydrated.

Right in your homes, create an ambiance that promotes rejuvenation. Turn off overhead lights, and use several candles instead. Play some lush, relaxing music. Diffuse the air and mix the spa water with some aromatic oils of aromatherapy. Decorate the rooms with flowers.

Water temperature is critical for an effective hydrotherapy treatment. For a relaxing bath, the temperature should be at 35degreesC for 10 to 15 minutes; sore muscles at 38degressC of five to 10 minutes. For an invigorating bath; five minutes at 18-24degreesC. You can use a kitchen thermometer to determine the water temperature.

If you prefer extremely hot baths, stay in the water no longer than five minutes. Hot water dries and tightens the skin and can leave you feeling “wiped out”. The Chinese believe that staying in hot water too long is unhealthy and drains your chi.

After bathing, splash yourself with cool water to tone and invigorate your skin. Cold water also closes the pores of the skin so you don’t get sick.

Massage is also an excellent compliment while you’re still in the tub. Natural sea sponges or loofah rolled down your back and shoulders stimulate and exfoliate the skin. A pumice stone can be used to remove foot calluses.

Plain water cleans very well. Don’t sit in a tub of soapy water. Doing so dries and irritates skin

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