In Remembrance of CORY

MrsPresidentCory4_filesIn August 1, 2009, as early as 3:18 am, my president, Mrs.President Cory Aquino passed away due to cardio-respiratory arrest after an 18 month of battle with colon cancer. She was 76.

I know that Cory passed away happy and satisfied, cause she had her children and countrymen with open eyes a clear mind of what democracy is. Her mission of toppling the Marcos regime and retaining democracy was well-done and after her presidency, as a private citizen, she continuous to battle the ones who abuse democracy. She is a true “democratic icon” not only in our nation but the world.
And even the event of her passing away, she awakens, she rocks and reminded us not to put into languish what she started fighting for. Her death awakens me and I hope it does to others.

I do not know how to thank her and Ninoy, but I think the only the way I could thank her is to continue maintaining the democracy she and Ninoy brought us. Bringing back democracy becomes her life and to maintain it, I know will make her happy wherever she is.

She is truly the Mother of Democracy, the nation’s mother.

She is a true heroine, a perfect example, and a religious icon too.

I got no words to described and how to thank my president, but I will offer all my respects to her till my last breath and hopefully maintain what she had been fighting for, so that I can proved to her and Ninoy that “WE ARE WORTH IT”.