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Sex is the highest enjoyment in the eyes of the materialist.
But quite a number of divorce cases(a different social issue) is alarming. It’s because they don’t see and admit that sex is not that enjoyable, starting on sex with the opposite sex. They don’t see that they seek happiness in sex in another level, same sex (another social issue – homosexuality/gay/lesbian). Unsatisfied, the next level again, child abuse (the issues of pedophiles, child pornography, the ‘lolitas”, “angel”, “pedoboy” or “preteens”. They now try to find alternative sex enjoyment through “sex toys” like “dildos”, artificial sex organs, and others. Still, not satisfied or seeking other means to enjoy sex they tried sex “in the farm” or sex with animals and last but not the least is the “snuff”.
The “snuff” video is the bit by bit view of the unsatisfactory nature of trying to enjoy, not on sex alone but to different consequences in life, money, beauty, power or fame.

But here we are now only dealing on NO TO CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.
This a blog campaign to move the offenders, other supporters and perverts around the globe that there is an undying search for happiness and satisfaction that can never be found on material sense of view. These “cravings” is not satisfying unless it is transfer or intended to our real nature or our real “self”.
Matter can not satisfy matter, our desire to enjoy comes to our true nature, our real “identity”,
we cannot find happiness until we know and realized who we really are, who is the ‘One” trying to enjoy or desiring to enjoy. (This is another Issue that connects to our life, our existence)

Open our eyes that is illusion to enjoy on material sense objects.
To the offenders, this will only makes things worst, the cravings for sexual happiness specially turning to the children as your sex objects will make you desire for more and more. Having sex with an innocent child which is also a human being, they are just small persons, with young bodies, very young and even under develop bodies of persons – this is never satisfying but instead it will set your mind to a demoniac mentality. Without respects to others, to others’ feelings and their individual life will bring chaos to one’s self and even destroying the lives of your victims.
If you believe in “karma” my friend, STOP CHILD ABUSE. Please think that you have children too and you don’t want that to happen in them for sure.
Do not make your life more miserable and put the lives of the poor children in anguish.

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