Care is the Best Medicine

practitionersBack in the days when penicillin and sophisticated technology were not yet discovered, how old western doctors cure their patients? Many believe they were armed with the Big C, or CARE. They stood by the bedside of their dying patients, patting their hands, offering their support. Their knowledge of curing diseases may have been very limited, but their hearts were big and caring.

Care is the best medicine which cannot be merely substituted with powerful drugs or the latest hi-tech invention. Caring may not produce quantifiable results that can be seen and scrutinized in the laboratory, but its results should not be underestimated.

An endangered patient who is finally equipped yet has no one who sincerely cares for him, may not be able to heal as fast as a person who is battling an infectious disease and has the loving support of his family.

Many people recuperate very fast because of their caring relationships. Caring for someone, infuse in them the understanding that you really want the best for them, opens wide the road to recovery. This is also very true in practical life. No matter how stubborn and hard a person may be his wall of antagonism and cynicism would melt down when he realizes your sincere desire for his well-being.

Listening is vital. If the patient is assured that when he talks someone is interested enough to listen and help him, he feels very fortunate and full of hope. If the doctors really cares and knows how to listen, then he gets to learn about the values of his patient. Do his patients want to be hooked up onto so many machines, holding on to the fortress of the body even if it’s falling apart? Or does he want to preserve his dignity and let just nature takes its course? Otherwise, the doctor would be imposing his own value system on the patient, which is preserving life at all cost.

Each person is part of mosaic. Each has his own special way of connecting with himself, his family, and his community. The art of understanding the whole person and not just the physiology process involve in curing the disease is more important. This integral appreciation of the person makes the doctor deal with the spirit, an essential part of body-mind medicine.

There are people who may have been diagnosed for terminal illness like cancer and are given, to say, six months to live. Yet, since some of them whose spirits are whole and are determine to live strangely so live longer than expected. Some who are low in spirit, bereft of love and care in the family, suffer from depression and die in a couple of months. Still, some old people like the Native American Indians can die at their own will with no apparent physiological reason.

In body-mind medicine, suggestion and belief system have a very strong bearing just like the placebo effect, which demonstrate the impact of belief on the physical body. When a person firmly believes that he could get better according to the doctor does or gives him, and then his body responds accordingly. But what actually happens is that his endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin doing the job as a result of the healing and mind act.

Some may think that they can skip the part of caring for someone’s pain and just administer placebos. In the sense, this is being dishonest to the patient and would not help anyone who should be confronting the problem, which is dealing with the real pain. Perhaps pain is symptomatic of the person asking for your time or attention.

Dr. Ron Anderson, chair and CEO of Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas, which is rated among the 25 best hospitals in the US, has used the principles of body-mind medicine in his work. Dr. Anderson co-authored Medical Apartheid – An American Perspective. He has this to say about hospital care; “It’s like preventive medicine if I deal with the patient’s problems and anxieties and concern ahead of time; I actually made the therapy plan and the outcome better for both of us. We beat out our medical students and our

House staff officers of compassion and empathy and a lot staff willingness to understand the person. They are told to understand the disease and that’s what they’ve tested on.

“Traditionally, hospitals have been organized for doctors, for auxiliaries, for insurance companies – everybody but the patient. Hospitals have taken in the total institution format. The total institution is like a concentration camp or a jail or even a place created to service a need, but that is overwhelmed with volume, stress, strain, and people not dealing with their own feelings. Public school systems may be the same way. Hospitals should be places created for the service of the patients. We ought to deliver care as best as we can within a very clear value system. Doctors should be customers of a hospital, but not the only customers.

“When people get to the wards and see a harried faculty member of a senior house staff, they may develop the attitude that the patient is the enemy. One of the reasons that many physically don’t want to do primary care in this country is that they’re trained in hospitals where they don’t understand the patients as that patient lives in a family and a community. They don’t have any continuity with the patient over time.

“Any physician who takes care of patients for 10 or 15 years cherishes that relationship. Medical students don’t see that. They just see an intensive care unit with the technology. It’s easier to write a prescription instead of stooping to talk to the patient. One of the things I tell medical students is that writing a prescription is not the end of the social contact with the patients. They need you to visit them, particularly the elderly person. Somehow that offends the house staff, who says, ‘She just wants social contact. What’s wrong with that if it’s healing’?”

Dr. Ron Anderson has hit the nail on its head with his perspective on effective healing environment. His perspective in medicine is nothing neither new nor common. A vital key to the healing process of a person is care which anyone has a heart could give. Care enhances the power of medicine, medical technology, and doctors’ guidance. Care could help the diseased not to be deceased easily.

Past Links From the Past

couple1We often say that, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” The past is done over and done with. We should turn the book of life if we want to get anywhere. We cannot change the past. Why delve in it when the present already offers much to think about? Is there any value in the past?
The past may be gone but it has left its imprints in the present. We are what we are today
because of the past. Our thoughts, attitudes, our beliefs today are results of the past. In fact, the impression may be so deep that we may be pushing now because someone had hurt us before. Some people put up a hard façade as a form of defense from the pain. Deep resentment patterns influence us today.
Why wait to be the life’s knife-edge and panic before we resolve these resentments? Now is the time to dissolve and resolve these resentments. In the state of panic, it will be very difficult to focus the minds on the healing work. So right now, we simply have to take some time off to deal with those hidden fears first.
If we believe we are helpless and victims of the past, nature will support us in that belief. We vindicate ourselves and foolishly go down the drain due to such beliefs. This is why we must release ourselves from outmoded, negative ideas, and beliefs that we are not maintaining nor nourishing us. As I’ve told my friends,” Why do you’ve need to strap this heavy load on your back? You don’t need to. You can snip it off and be a happier person.”
To release ourselves from the past, it is vital that we forgive not just others, but especially ourselves. Forgiveness may not come that easily. We may not know how nor even want to forgive, but if we are aware that we must and, at least, are willing to forgive, our healing process begins.
For us to heal, it is essential to release ourselves from the past and forgive everyone. “I forgive you for not being the way I wanted you to be. I forgive you for your shortcomings and set you free.” To come to the point of even saying that may take a lot from us but this is how we heal ourselves.
In the Course of Miracles, it is stated, “All disease comes from a state of unforgiving” and “Whenever we are ill, we need to look around to see whom it is that we need to forgive.” When we are ill, we need to search from within the depths of our hearts to see whom it is we need to forgive. Quite revealing that the very person whom you’re least incline to forgive is the one you need to let go of the most. When we forgive, it doesn’t mean we now condoning or consenting to that person’s behavior or the situation. Forgiveness means letting go. We may not even know how to forgive but to bring to ourselves to want to do so invite nature to step in and take care of the rest.
No one understands our own pain as much as we do. It is easier for us to lock ourselves in what we are going through and forget others who are involved in that experience. Often, it is also difficult for us to understand that those we need to forgive the most are also in pain. We need to understand that those people are doing the best they can with the understanding, awareness and knowledge they have at the moment.
Just as we accept others and try to understand the way they are, we should the same to ourselves. Again, this not to condoned nor justify any mistakes we’ve made, but this must be an acceptance and love for ourselves. From there, we can work out what needs to be done. The past can be change by changing our attitudes about it. But first we must not reject or punish ourselves. This creates many miracles in our life in terms of an improved health, more fulfilling relationships and even more money. We begin to loosen up and express ourselves in more creative, fulfilling ways. It’s almost like magic: everything seems to happen without our even trying too hard.
When we love and approve of ourselves, we create a space of trust and acceptance which in turn creates some organization in or mind. More loving relationships in our life, attraction of a new job and a better place to live in. people who love themselves and their bodies neither abuse neither themselves nor others. Charity begins at home. No charity begins with oneself.
Thanks to Marilitz “thoughts”.

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Where Is Real Happiness

tearHappiness is all around us. It is everywhere in our daily life, even in our sleep, even in our dreams. We can just sit and think of our happy moments in life and we are happy instantly. But where is real happiness? Where is the reality that happiness is satisfying?

Having a Big Mac is happiness, a new PSP for John or new I Pod for Jane is happiness. Having a new born at home is happiness, a new car, a new big bike or brand new shoes is happiness.

A winner in the lottery is happiness, a beautiful girlfriend or spouse is happiness or a handsome gay spouse is happiness too.

Being Mohammed Ali or Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is happiness. Once, Ali quoted, “I am the greatest”

Think for yourself that you are Princess Dianna, the unsullied virgin Princess of Wales, that is well prepared looking out for love and she only knew that she was loved for herself and nothing more, is that happiness?

Imagine if you are Gates, Ford or Getty and you had the most amounts to spend on what? What will I buy to make me happy, mansions, luxury cars, high tech homes, or beautiful women or handsome men?

Beauty, Power, Wealth, Strength, Fame, are having these qualities gets us to happiness, bliss and satisfaction?

“Hostel” depicts the unsatisfactory nature of a person, unsatisfied with sex which always used to be, people tried to seek satisfaction to obscure, vague and inhuman acts. “Snuff” movie is another. Andrei Chikatolo, a Ukranian serial killer, “The Rostov Ripper”, a sexual deviant, confessed that he was only able to achieve orgasm by slashing and stabbing his victims rather than outwardly raping them.

De Rais, a French noblemen and a serial killer, would sit on the stomach of his dying victim and pleasure himself.

Sex is named as the highest enjoyment in life but it is the most unfulfilled. Opposite sex becomes boring and same sex, rapes, orgies and heterosexuality is next. Still, sex with children or pedophile is another pursuit. Sex with animals is another chase. Still not satisfied, people look over and over again for another quest and pursuit to happiness.

Do not forget JOKES. You can see laugh bars and comedian café like “Clowns” and others are fully booked. It is another pursuit of happiness.

In his book Small Is Beautiful, noted British economist E. F. Schumacher wrote:
Insights of wisdom … enable us to see the hollowness and fundamental dissatisfaction of a life devoted primarily to the pursuit of material ends, to the neglect of the spiritual. Such a life necessarily sets man against man and nation against nation, because man’s needs are infinite and infinitude can be achieved only in the spiritual realm, never in the material.*

It is a fact that no matter how much sense gratification a person gets, he will never be satisfied. Material food, material things, material sense gratification cannot satisfy the atma (spirit soul). Just as the body needs material food, so the spirit soul needs spiritual food. To try to satisfy one’s spiritual craving with material things leads to endless consumption, greed, envy, violence, and war. Western people have as much sense gratification as one could ever want, yet they are not satisfied. Why? Because they are spiritually empty.

On the brighter side;

When a mother gave birth to her child, in spite of the painful experienced, she automatically puts a smile upon seeing her new born. And as the years go by, she always give a smile seeing her child grows doing laughing tricks or even naughty jokes, even though engage everyday on taking care of her child.

A mother and child relationship or parents and children, or friend to friend relationship, boy or girl, husband and wife relationship, or a politician or king to his followers and kinsmen relationship exist a certain degree or phase of happiness.

In every relationships manifest a different phase angle of happiness and of coarse sadness and grief comes along. This is another subject to discuss sometime.

A philanthropist or a non- profit organization that donates or give cash, food, goods or services to the needy in every part of the world is experiencing a special form of bliss.

Bono‘s campaign to cancel Third World debt to developed nations; the Gates Foundation‘s massive resources and ambitions, such as its campaigns to eradicate malaria and river blindness; the E.V.A Charity Foundation aims to support the Aeta people, displaced by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo; are just some of institutions that gives charity for a certain cause.

Seeing the alleviation of those needy, gives an overwhelming feeling, a certain kind of happiness no one can describe. A motherly love, friendship or a loving relationship and a servant to master kinship, gives a special smile or felicity; especially when one do not expect something in return. This is more of a higher taste and thoughts for every person, cause “human life is meant for thoughtfulness”

If you believe that you are your body, you will strive endlessly to give your body sensual pleasure. You will struggle to fill up your inner emptiness with fleeting sensual flashes. But no amount of sensual pleasure will satisfy you. No matter how many taste orgasms, sexual orgasms, and other kinds of orgasms you may have, you still won’t be actually satisfied. You’ll always have a never ending desire for more.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)
© 2007 Science of Identity Foundation

It is natural for us to want to be happy, satisfied, and free. But due to ignorance of our true identity, our natural longing becomes misdirected and leads to further bondage and unhappiness.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler, © 2007 Science of Identity Foundation

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sign3No one gets sick overnight. Usually, nature sends her warning signals every time there is a breach of any law. If the person ignores her signals, and continues with his present diets and habits, then nature has no other recourse but deprive the person of his normal functions.

For instance due to a person’s bad diet, unclean habits, and other distressful activities, less urination occurs. More toxins accumulate in the body. In the Ayurvedic medicine, the fire of the stomach becomes weak, so there is loss of appetite. The ingested food then cannot properly breakdown, resulting in constipation or loose bowel movement. This, in turn , affects the quantity of impure blood produced. when there is improper oxidation of blood, wastes are not eliminated.

An accumulation of carbon dioxides and toxins slows down the function of a particular organ, thereby reducing its vitality and increasing its fatigue. These accumulated wastes inhibit the flow and penetration of the internal energy and the recharging needed by that organ. This is how diseases flourish around the particular organ, later becoming reflected on the specific areas of the person’s palms and soles.

Before looking for or getting some treatment or relief, we must first understand the language of the body. Body signals like belching indicates that the stomach is full. An ache or pain in the certain areas shows congestion of carbon dioxide, water, fire element, air. Runny nose or sneezing means the body is trying to throw out excess water.

Cough signals that the body is feeling cold or congestion  has to be cleaed up the throat and the chest.

Itching shows that a greater flow of blood is required around the affected part. Fever indicates the war inside the body, i.e., the white blood cells, our well trained soldiers, battling with germs or pathogenic bacteria.

Loss of appetite reveals that the congestion and constipation, or the body is busy fighting the disease. In such a case, only lukewarm water and fruit juices or buttermilk should be taken instead of further taxing the stomach with food. Pain in the heart or chest pains shows that the heart is longing for total rest. Try to have some bed-rest for 24 to 72 hours.

Understanding the language of the body and paying heed of its warning signals is more vital than just taking in medications to suppress the symptoms. In some cases, the sudden stoppage of fever has oftentimes resulted in some worst disease-even in paralysis.

To obtain a quick relief from the early warning signs of a sick body and to break the vicious cycle of diseases mentioned, health experts advise age-old methods to recharge our inner battery or to make the subtle internal energy or chi circulate properly. One method is pranayam or deep abdominal breathing, where the abdomen expands upon inhalation and contracts upon exhalation. Drink lukewarm water or an electrolyte drink like Gatorade.

Skip a meal or two. Reduce food intake and have more fruits and vegetables juices and buttermilk, thereby allowing the digestive system to rest. Sleep recharges the battery of our body. More valuable than medicine is a good sleep, especially when one feels tired, or when there  is pain in more than two or three  points in your palms and soles.

One of the vital points check is the solar plexus, or the nabhi chakra, which is located below the sternum.

According to the Ayurvedas, this is the controlling center for all the organs below the diaphragm. There are ways to also confirm if the solar plexus is in the proper condition. In the morning, on an e,pty stomach, when you lie down on a hard surface on your back, press your navel with your finger or thumb. Throbbing sensations like that of the heart is felt. That means that the system is alright.

Another way of checking the condition of the solar plexus is measuring the distance between the right nipple and the navel and the left nipple and the navel. If the distance is equal, then you have no problem, but if the center has shifted upwards or downwards, then you’ve got a problem. Also, you can lie on your back, keeping yours arms straight on your sides. Keep the legs straight and the toes upright.

The two big toes must be level. If they are not, it indicates a disturbance in the solar plexus.

The center shifts  upward or downward when excess weight is lifted, or when there is severe gas trouble. In such cases, the throbbing will not be noticed somewhere around the navel. The upward shifting of the solar plexus leads to constipation, and the downward shifting brings more motions every  time there is a pressure. If a person has cancer of the colon, there is chronic constipation and it has been found out that the solar plexus has moved upwards. It is advisable to check the position of the solar plexus before starting a treatment. The solar plexus is like the mains springs of a watch. Unless it is set right, treatment may not give the desired result.

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Slimming Naturally 3

The Exercise Factoryoga

Medical science strongly supports the importance of regular exercise. A group of middle-aged men and women followed a fitness program. They showed lower level of blood sugar, fats , cholesterol, and gains in flexibility, strength, and stamina. Longer programs reaped greater benefits such as reduced tensions, improved respiratory capacity, lowered body fat, and increase in one’s sense of well-being.

With regular exercise, the metabolic rate increase, the digestive and circulatory system improve, the heart muscles grow stronger, and the skin acquires glow.

Regular exercise could mean a 5-mile brisk walk a day, swimming, taichi, biking, or yoga asanas. But if you have a heart or uterus problem, jogging is not advisable.

General yoga practice helps combat obesity by toning muscles and enhancing body awareness and willpower, facilitating a more sensible eating pattern. Abdominal contractions prevent and reduce fat bellies and lessen the risk of incurring back disorders.

Alternative Waystai_chi

The Ayurvedas has many recommendations for losing weight. Using lemon juice is a very effective means. This is like going to a juice fasting, which also cleanses your body of all toxins.

On the first day, juice or three pieces of lemon mixed with an equal amount of water should be given. One lemon per day should be added until the juice of 12 lemons is consumed per day. The number should be decreased in the same order until three lemons are taken a day You will feel hungry and weak on the first two days, but after that, your condition will stabilize.

Another formula is using bananas and skimmed milk. The daily diet is restricted to six bananas and four glasses of skimmed milk for a period of 10 to 15 days. Then green vegetables may be gradually added, reducing the intake of bananas from six to four. Continue this diet until you achieve the desire weight level. Bananas are ideal for overweight people as it has practically non sodium.

Base on some recent researches, cabbage has a valuable ingredient called tartonic acid which inhibits the conversion of sugar and carbohydrates into fat. Taking cabbage salad would be one of the simplest and painless ways of staying slim. A hundred grams of cabbage yields only 27 kilocalories of energy, while the same quantity of wheat bread will yield about 240 calories, so you get fewer calories while having a lasting feeling of fullness in the stomach. It is also easily digestible.

Losing the first few pounds is easy as this is only water, but shedding the next ones will be a bit hard. Don’t get discourage by this. A steady weight loss is better than an abrupt one because it stays, provided that you also maintain this with proper food intake. Have a better healthful feeling and “thoughts”

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Slimming Naturally 2

Mealtime Suggestion
Upon rising, drink a glass of purer fruit juice, herb tea, or apple cider vinegar which is about a teaspoon mixed with honey and hot water. This apple cider vinegar with water concoction is an effective slimming formula for me as it has been for many centuries. Apple cider melts fatty deposits in your bloodstream so it enhances the circulation of blood.

For breakfast, you can have some muesli with yogurt and tahini or whole grain cereal with skimmed or soy milk. Some alternatives would be fresh fruit with wheat germs and yogurt, or toasted bread with sunflower margarine and honey or savory spread. Drink herb tea, cereal coffee substitute, or pure fruit juice.

For lunch, we have some vegetarian savory made with cheese, nuts or grains or legumes, with a selection of vegetables in season. Or have a mixed vegetable salad with baked unpeeled potato or baked onions. For dessert, try a soaked dried fruit, baked apple, fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, natural fruit jelly, or a tofu dessert, which is tofu is eaten with dried fruit, fresh fruit , or honey.

For supper, eat the kind of food you had for lunch but do so before 6p.m. Or, you could have something light, like a vegetable soap or fruit. You can also try a mixed salad and yogurt with some vegetarian savory and tofu.
Herbal tea are vital whether you are on a diet or not because they have a string of health benefits. These tea concoctions help reduce body weight. You can try chamomile tea and lemon. This done by boiling a cup of water to a slice of lemon and one teaspoon of chamomile. Cover and leaved overnight. Drink it first thing in the morning. Or, you drink a glass of unsweetened grape juice before breakfast and another in the afternoon. Another concoction is prepared using onions. Chopped onion is added to a glass of boiling water. Then add a few drops of lemon juice. Drink this first thing in the morning.
Aloe vera is a wonderful tonic that requires sugar and fat metabolism. You can drink two teaspoon of aloe vera mixed with apple juice. If you do not like the taste of aloe vera, you can take this in capsule from which is available at healthfood store

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“Thoughts” to Mother Earth’s Plea

SEAL BEACH, CA - APRIL 21:  California brown p...Many countries struggle to attain development and to supply the bottomless pit of man’s endless demands at the expense on nature. This has brought the conditions we are now bitterly experiencing: the green house effect, the shrinking of grasslands, the hazardous effect of pesticides and other chemical pollutants, nuclear power, the ozone depletion, denuding the forest lands, the endless exploration and sucking out of mineral ores and fossil fuel, and the displacement ans exploitation of indigenous people. There seems no end to the list of atrocious crimes against Mother Earth.

The tug-of-war between the environmentalist and economist have often qualified the parameters of sustainable development. For economist, sustainability denotes the guarantee of profitability. For its part, the Brundtland Commission of the World Commission on Environment and Development, who solicited opinions and facts world-wide from 1984-1986 on the common endeavor and new forms of behavior, says: “The sustainable development program must meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations just so the present will meet their own needs”

Sustainability, however, must be viewed in terms of economics which, in the first place, has no limiting principle. Sustainability should be focus on the care of the ecosystem – an irreplaceable, unreconstructed resource.

Imagine the repercussions of sustainability in terms of agriculture from the perspective of economists. Economic returns ont the yardstick. With an intensive agricultural program, forest are burned down, to plough in and chemical spraying are done just to ensure high yields. Taken to the extreme, what if by such a worldwide practice the global environment becomes unlivable? It should be disastrous. The ecosystem would be muddled and skewed, you wouldn’t be around to answer this.

J.Stan Rowe of the University of Saskatchewan has aptly made as analogy between the economic system in Mother Earth and the fetus in mother animal. He says, “Just as a size limit exists for the fetus that a 64kg. woman can support without undermining her health, so there must be a limit to the size of the human economy that the health ecosphere can support. In both instances, the subsystem can threaten the health of the larger enveloping system in two ways.
-by appropriating materials and energy faster than the parent can renew them; and/or
-by poisoning the host system – expelling wastes in quantities and at rates that exceed the detoxifying capacity of the parent.

But isn’t this already occurring? Isn’t the fetus slowly gobbing up the mother?

Taking the microscopic view of the environment crisis, it is apparent that human beings – not dolphins, trees, or plastics of CFS – are mistreating the earth. We, who wanted the to economically prosper, are all contributors to the cause of environmental crises, through many would like to point accusing fingers at the capitalist, economists, and politicians.

It is a question of setting clear-cut priorities. J. Stan Rowe has hit the nail on its head when he said; “Humanity will destroy the world and inadvertently itself. The idea that the two pursuits–economic development that looks after the welfare of the people, their needs and wants, and environmental conservation that attends to the welfare of the world – can go merrily hand in hand as equals is false. The first priority has to be the welfare of surrounding ecosystem, for without their healthy functioning, no ecosystem can last. The world religions all condemn selfishness in individuals. We must now go one step further and recognize that species selfishness, hitherto condoned, is not only stupid, it is criminal.”

Now consider this popular environmentalist slogan; “The earth is our only home so Save the Earth.” If we are to accept this philosophy, this means “I am this material body and the earth is my only home. So my natural function, or what will make me happy, is to enjoy the earth.” This is the very consciousness of the people who are destroying the earth: to satisfy their endless needs with endless material consumption, leading to problems of over consumption.
Selfishness id an inevitable fruit of this materialistic outlook in life, the goal in life is essential pleasure: and sensual pleasure is such that it can only be experienced by you. My enjoyment does nothing to you – you cannot taste it.

Man endless craving for more and more has taken such a heavy toll on and is so burdensome for Mother Earth is caused by lust. In the Bhagavad-gita, Arjuna ask Krishna, “By what is one impelled to sinful acts, even unwillingly, as if engaged by force? The Blessed Lord says: “It is lust only, Arjuna, which is born of contact with the material modes of passion and later transformed into wrath, and which is the all-devouring, sinful enemy of the world.”

This is the exact reason for the cause of environment crises. In the matter of endless consumption, nobody ultimately consumes anything. Everything that comes in goes out sooner or later. It’s not really endless attempts at sensual gratification.

Many solutions have been proposed by environmentalist. But for problems to be eradicated, we must strike at the root cause. Otherwise, proposed solutions will merely be band-aid-solutions – superficial. Before striking at the root, we must know the cause. An internal change, a change in consciousness or outlook in life in each of us must happen. This is not about happiness. Instead of searching for happiness in endless material consumption which only brings emptiness, frustration and loneliness, why don’t we focus on satisfying our endless desires on seeking the sweetness of an eternal loving relationship with God. In this way, being full within our hearts, exploitation and unnecessary violence towards man and the whole ecosystem will be superseded by compassion, respects, and wisdom in our actions.

Finally, as Jagad Guru reminds us: “People cannot remain as materialistic, selfish people, and have peace and harmony in the family, society, or world. For the world to be peaceful, we have to be peaceful within ourselves.” Happy Earth Day!

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Slimming Naturally


Tons of people worry on how to unload those excess baggage, getting rid of flab – slimming.
Going by today’s standards, to be slim is to be attractive. to look lean and mean with firm muscles is the anxiety which results in making aerobic and other fitness centers thrive as a booming business. Fitness programs with treatments compete for your hard-earned money, all promising to make you shed 20 to 30 unwanted pounds. Fat burners and slimming teas abound in the shelves of health food stores. Those without patience with the programs get an instant liposuction, surgical shortening of the small intestines or sewing of the stomach so to be smaller.

Weight loss actually is not a big problem with which to be burdened. To lose that excess weight is desirable, not just for superficial reason  of so-called beauty standards. Actually, it is quite sad that people see others on the basis of the person within that body.
But be sure to lose that excess weight because having more fat in the body slows one down , invite diseases, and cause fatigue. Please consider that the first reason why one may be over-eating, though. Is it due to some emotional problem, or some glandular disorders? From there you can adopt a program for a more healthy living

Attention to diet is crucial. Your body is the result of your current eating habits. If your body is sickly or heavy on the scale, introduce changes gradually. Changing to a new good diet should not mean making abrupt stressful adjustment. You must be aware of the desirable and undesirable food identity.

Stay away from sweets, salty, fatty processed foods. You don’t have to live on a monotonous unpolished rice and veggies either. Fad diet are not the answer either to obesity or bad health. It deprive the body of essential nutrients and lower the body’s metabolic rate. What is needed is establishing a good ratio of nutrients by choosing good quality foods.

You must be aware of your individual requirements. Many of my friends who work with computers like to nibble while working. What do they nibble? Some salty, sweet processed junk food. It must be hard for them to go a weight control diet program. But still, you must find a healthy substitute to eat like dried fruits and fruit juices.

Work within a sensible framework, and occasional treats can be enjoyed without harm. Eat food as close to their natural state as possble. Add more raw food at the start of the meal, or follow the main meal suggestion twice a week, then three times until you are close to the recomended pattern.

Having fiber in one’s food is essential to anyone even if he/she is not in some trimming down program. Fiber comes from whole plants, wholen grains, vegetables, and fruits. it is bsically composed of the edible plant which forms the plant cell walls. Fiber is neither digested or absorbed in the small intestine; it is digested in the large intestine. Some of the digested products actually get into the body and significantly reduce the production of cholesterol.

Fiber is mainly a source of complex carbohydrates which releases gradual energy level into our blood sugar. Complex carbohydrates also does’nt shoot up our blood sugar leaving our body suddenly depleted with energy, a reaction given of by simple carbohydrates.

According to medical findings, fiber may protect you against cancer, may reduce the risk of coronay heart disease and help control obesity and diabetes. Fiber is essential in fostering healthy bowel movement and protects us against gall-stones, reduces cholesterol levels and ensures better health.

Avoid white bread, white sugar, dyed or artificially sweetened foods and drinks. Avoid meat, if possible, specially red meat. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains like oats, brown rice and wheat. Take multi-vitamins and minerals three times a day. Minimize or avoid intake of artificial salt. Pay attention to trace minerals such as zinc and sulphur which are good for the skin.

Perhaps you have heard that when you are on a diet, one of the basic rules is NOT to starve yourself. Rather, you must eat the proper food that can lessen your weight but still provide energy for your body. To be continued….”thought”

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For Adults Only? Cycle 2

Cycle 2

When the sperm enters the fallopian tube, it dies because it is alienated to it, it is not the compatible domain for them. It becomes toxic and secretes poison to the mother and must under go a major operation to remove the fallopian tube.

It takes more than 36 weeks to complete the development from fetus to a fully grown baby. Science has its researches and the scriptures tells it. When the tiny human comes out of the womb, it cries, it is alive and kicking and the mother was joyful. It takes time till he crawls, sit, mumbles words  and walk. As he grew up, he passes again different stages, the age of puberty, adolescent stage until he develop into a full grown man or woman. The body undergoes different changes as it grows just like a butterfly that started from a cocoon or a frog from a tag pole.

As time goes, he was now attracted to the opposite sex, got married and build his own family and have children of his own. (Not to speak of the engagement in life,upbringing, education, work, and other social problems, it’s another series of post) And his children begets children too.

Now this is cycle 3, he is now an adult and aging. Old age limits one’s propensities, sight becomes poor, a need of hearing aid and viagra at night. Old people becomes aware of their diet. They cannot eat all what they want like in the younger days. The are limit to eating lots of fruits and vegetables now, no alcohol, not even moderate and no smoking. The erectile dysfunction is visible and a need for more walking and excersises.

Scientist research for the “fountain of youth” was a total frustration. One cannot enjoy life at an aging stage. The mind is very eager and desirous to enjoy but the body cannot. We can slow down old age but we cannot stop the next cyle.

One of my taichi teacher told me that taichi is not for old people but rather it is for young, because it effects the whole body as a whole to slow down aging. It affects the circulation of blood, the air we breath in and our energy retains. Taichi has an innumerable effect to the practitioner.

Do we need to reach this stage and start to ascend back? Well it is better late than never or what the hell about it, we will all get old and die. Enjoy life while young……to be continued

3Ways Diseases Stay Away (Part 3)

Over accumulation and consumption is bad for the health both physically and mentally. Over accumulation of ones need has a chain reaction effect beginning from ones self up to others and even to the environment.
Depression, anxiety and frustration are moods and mental health unbalance that affects ones existence.
At home, parents are dutifully bound for the future of their children and as years pass both (boy and girl) kids were on high school. The girl did not finish high school, started dating, got pregnant and force on marriage. The boy on the other hand was pushing hard on his schooling, trying his best not to disappoint his elders.
Parents, the son and the daughter are all experiencing anxiety. The parents are both stress out of frustration for their dreams for both children’s future. They both work hand in hand, the father work hard at the office to be a good provider and mother work at home everyday to serve the needs of the children and the husband.
For both the son and daughter, they always look up for the wants of their parents because this is for their own sake, to attain a degree and have a good job and a better future ahead. But fate is not always at hand and control, but the anxiety, frustration and stress of the father, mother, son, and daughter strikes on multiple angles and effect for each of them.
These negative effect from these mood of frustrations and anxieties produces loneliness, stress out of worries of everything like the efforts but the lack of fulfillment, the anxiety of wanting something, like expectation of high grades on the school but grades results are low just to please the parents, these are just the every day ordinary experience of individuals in their ordinary lives.
A man who marries a very beautiful woman feels insecure from passionate men and afraid and frantic of loosing her; a wealthy businessman is always anxiety over his wealth, from his business competitors, from burglars and outlaws and from corrupt politicians. He doesn’t know where to put his accumulated wealth, don’t know where to spend it, and endless anxiety to loose it. A blocked road, lack of money, lack of sexual activity or sexual problems is cause of frustration of wanting something but one can not have.
All these effect triggers ones existence and even leads to suicide or death. This is where diseases come; this is its internal and psychological effect. One seeks outlets in life that are unhealthy like chain smoking, alcoholism, drugs, indiscriminate gambling, over sex and over consumption of everything because of emptiness. Frustration and loneliness attracts disease easily.
They say that”Laughter is the best medicine”. Positive thinkers rally their way with their philosophy, “Think positive”, to overcome frustrations. Always smile and forget the problems of life cause in every problem there is always a solution.
The author of”Smiley” was until now smiling because of its marketing results as a blockbuster and best seller. The author was an instant millionaire. Be happy!