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Sex is the highest enjoyment in the eyes of the materialist.
But quite a number of divorce cases(a different social issue) is alarming. It’s because they don’t see and admit that sex is not that enjoyable, starting on sex with the opposite sex. They don’t see that they seek happiness in sex in another level, same sex (another social issue – homosexuality/gay/lesbian). Unsatisfied, the next level again, child abuse (the issues of pedophiles, child pornography, the ‘lolitas”, “angel”, “pedoboy” or “preteens”. They now try to find alternative sex enjoyment through “sex toys” like “dildos”, artificial sex organs, and others. Still, not satisfied or seeking other means to enjoy sex they tried sex “in the farm” or sex with animals and last but not the least is the “snuff”.
The “snuff” video is the bit by bit view of the unsatisfactory nature of trying to enjoy, not on sex alone but to different consequences in life, money, beauty, power or fame.

But here we are now only dealing on NO TO CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.
This a blog campaign to move the offenders, other supporters and perverts around the globe that there is an undying search for happiness and satisfaction that can never be found on material sense of view. These “cravings” is not satisfying unless it is transfer or intended to our real nature or our real “self”.
Matter can not satisfy matter, our desire to enjoy comes to our true nature, our real “identity”,
we cannot find happiness until we know and realized who we really are, who is the ‘One” trying to enjoy or desiring to enjoy. (This is another Issue that connects to our life, our existence)

Open our eyes that is illusion to enjoy on material sense objects.
To the offenders, this will only makes things worst, the cravings for sexual happiness specially turning to the children as your sex objects will make you desire for more and more. Having sex with an innocent child which is also a human being, they are just small persons, with young bodies, very young and even under develop bodies of persons – this is never satisfying but instead it will set your mind to a demoniac mentality. Without respects to others, to others’ feelings and their individual life will bring chaos to one’s self and even destroying the lives of your victims.
If you believe in “karma” my friend, STOP CHILD ABUSE. Please think that you have children too and you don’t want that to happen in them for sure.
Do not make your life more miserable and put the lives of the poor children in anguish.

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Nature’s Beauty Aids

A Facial mask.
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The skin is not just a superficial covering to be adorned and beautified. It is the body’s first line of defense. Also, through the skin pores, toxins are vented out of the body. The skin expresses the condition of he liver, pancreas and lungs, according to the Traditional Chinese medicines. Just like the body as a whole need the right kind of fuel to metabolize properly, each skin cell must likewise receive food and your circulation determines the kind of nourishment it gets.

The market is flooded with various facial cleansers. But great caution is required since many commercial lotions and creams which are deemed harmless contain lead, mercury, antimony and bismuth which, when absorbed by the body tissues damage to the health of the skin. This is where the good habit of label reading comes in.

Perhaps, with the very hectic schedule, naturally concocting facial cleansers and creams might be quite demanding and difficult to do. But we can start off with using pure baby oil which will not only remove our makeup but naturally lubricate our skin. Heating and applying olive oil does some wonders to the skin, especially the eyes. Apply this oil in a circular manner to smooth out wrinkles and made those eyelashes silky. Remember the facial sauna, this streaming water will open the pores ad cleanse away the embedded dirt and oil.

Many advertisers capitalize on the idea that their product makes your skin good enough to eat. Hold it! I am not proposing some form of cannibalism here so people can devour you. But there is close link between cosmetics and food. Cosmetics should be made from natural ingredients such as plants and herbs. Since the skin sells should be nourished, you should be putting on our skin something that is really food. The simple rule is do not put anything on your skin that you can’t eat. Much benefit is derived from utilizing facial creams made from lemons, cucumbers, honey, strawberries, oats, and milk.

In to the countries, grandmothers in their younger days used oatmeal and cucumber as facial to soften their skin and prevent wrinkles. Vegetables are now recommended for everything involving skin care, and so are fruit extracts and creams made from papaya and carrots. Actually, you can eat the papaya and do not dispose the pulp. This can be used to scrub the whole body with. Our female ancestors used wines, whiskeys, brandies, and even beer as astringents to maintain that natural beautiful glow in the skin. They usually mix equal parts of whiskey with milk and apply it on the skin. After washing the skin, pat this mixture and leave it for several hours or overnight. In the middle ages, ladies of the French court of Louis XIV and other kings used the white of an egg together with camphor and alum to clear up blemishes and tighten the skin. The same mixture can also works for you today. This mixture can be applied in the neck and arms as well. The egg mask used for thousand of years was also combines with three ounces od honey to make a thick paste.

Cucumber juice is another old time favorite recipe: three ounces of cucumber juice, three ounces of distilled water and 1 and ½ ounce of rose water which can be locally purchased from Indian Specialty Stores. Rub this mixture into the skin with the finger tips. A refreshing hot weather beauty trick is to wash the face with cold water in which some cut-up cucumbers have been mashed.

Pimples, blackheads, and large pores can be treated using the facial mask we’ve mentioned. For minor blemishes, you can mix equal parts of pure lanolin, glycerin and castor oil. Melt this concoction over low heat, let it cool and keep in a glass jar. Apply to pimples until it’s healed. A word of caution: Never mix these ingredients is a metal container unless it is glazed or a heavily enameled ironware cooking pot. It is best use enamel, china, glass or earthenware.

Brown or yellow laundry soap applied to pimples will dry it off. Onion juice is an excellent remedy for pimples as well as for boils or skin infection. An easy remedy and ideal for travelers is the used of camphor which is available at any drugstores. Simply pat camphor at the pimples until it disappears. Squeeze gently and apply camphor. It may sting a bit but infection is prevented and the blotch quickly heals. Blotches are healed with boric acid dissolved in boiling water. Calamine lotion is also good, as it heals and stops itching.

Large pores are caused by incorrect cleansing, acne, blackheads, and improper diet. The buttermilk treatment acts as an astringent to the pores. Allow it to dry for ten minutes and rinse it off with cool water. Equal parts of apple cider vinegar and hot water can be used as facial wash to refine the pores. Camphor wash can also be substituted for water to refine the pores. Cornmeal and oatmeal, as well as alum powder, has been lauded by women trough ages as being very effective in reducing the pores and as an astringent.

Raw tomatoes had been used for centuries to tighten the skin. The tomato pulp contains vitamins, minerals and acids to cleanse the skin. The juice of lettuce, cucumber and poultices of bread and milk reduce large pores.

To ward off blackheads is to keep the face clean. Streaming daily and scrubbing with some natural soap and water are good. Rubbing the blackheads with lemon juice is an old remedy. Baking soda dissolved in 8 ounces of distilled water clears off blackheads.

I hope you can benefit from these natural beauty tips which date back not just from our grandmothers but from the middle Ages. They are very inexpensive, yet very effective. Also, don’t forget to have lots of exercise and a good healthy diet. These are essentials in producing that healthy, rosy skin glow.

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Antidotes to Memory Loss

who am i

Physical fitness of the brain should be one of our prime considerations, especially as we approach 40. Midlife crisis besets people who worry about those dreaded gray hairs, memory loss, and cognitive decline.

Must memory lost be part of it? Sanity is an awful reality to face. Cast your anxieties aside regarding cognitive decline, as Dr. Singh Khalsa has tried a formula that’s doing wonders for a lot of aging people, many of them with the Alzheimer’s disease.

Khalsa regimen consists of nutritional therapy, stress management, exercise and prescription of some drugs for those on the more advanced stage.

Stress causes cognitive decline. Chronic stress result in the over-production of a hormone called cortisol, which causes the death of the brain cells. Stress management not only halts the over-production of cortisol, it also enhances the cerebral circulation.

An efficient brain circulation is achieved by lowering blood pressure, encouraging the adequate production of neurotransmitters and helping the brain waves to shift from the common “beta” mode to the more relaxed “alpha” and “theta” mode.

A cruel irony regarding cognitive decline is that the more damage to the brain the person has suffered, the harder it is to control the biological production of the cortisol. The area of the brain that shuts off cortisol production often deteriorates with age, sitting in motion a whole digestive spiral.

To control stress, you can adopt a positive attitude and not think that you have to set aside your desires to get along with people. A helpful reminder is that although you can’t always control what happens to you, you can control how you react to it.

A little help from our friends is an important tool in coping with stress. Even contact with relative strangers also help. Robert Sapolsky, a Stanford neurologist, conducted studies measuring the cortisol levels of patients undergoing a painful cardiac catherization. Those who did not voice out their fears to the doctors had higher cortisol levels than those who did.

Meditation and prayers are also very potent antidotes to stress. Meditation evokes what Harvard stress management expert Herbert Benson calls the “relaxation response”. The opposite of the cortisol-producing stress response, it lowers blood pressure, relax and brings on the alpha and theta waves, decrease oxygen consumption and cortisol output, increase alertness and improves memory. Ten to 20 minutes of meditation twice a day gives you an edge over stress.

Exercise is not only an excellent way to relieve stress, but also to increase blood flow to the brain, providing more oxygen and glucose and aiding in the removal of toxins. Aerobic exercise also increases the production of certain neurotransmitter for carrying memories to “long-term storage.” In addition exercise heightens the output of the “feel good” chemicals known as endorphins. It increases the production of hormone called “nerve growth factor”, which helps stimulate the repair and regeneration of neuros.

A half hour moderate exercise – like walking, biking, swimming, stair climbing, golf or tennis – is very helpful. Excellent exercise that mobilize the chi or internal energy are chi kung, tai chi and hatha yoga. Mental exercise such as reading, playing word or board games, conversing or engaging in stimulating activities, is equally important.

Recent experiments of Marian Diamond at the University of California at Berkeley show that just by using the brain increases its size and the number of certain kinds of brain cells. If the brain is not regularly engage in mental exercises, it begins to atrophy physically, just like muscle that is not used. Atrophy of up to 25% can occur in the hippocampus, the part of the brain most responsible for memory.

Yogic mind/body exercises form another part of the program. Khalsa says that such exercise help restore the brain’s ability to access existing memories, create new memories and concentrate more intensely.

Brain care is vital to our health. At any stage of our life, age-old precautions have to be remembered always. Smoking, drinking and drugs, eating and other activities must be considered carefully. Care for your brain – it’s the only one you’ve got.

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Breathing Lessons

yoga3We may not be aware of it, but we breathe at a rate of 15 times per minute. When we are happy, we breathe in a rhythmic, deep and slow manner; when we are sad, we do so in a tense or depressed, gasping, sighing, shallow, fast and uneven way. Actually, we can control our breathing. A closer look at how nature designed our bodies reveals that man was meant to breathe primarily with his diaphragm, not his ribcages and clavicles.

Laziness, ignorance, smoking, pollution, constipation, and other factors have turned us into shallow chest breathers. Chest breathing uses the intercostals muscles between the ribs to forcibly expand the upper ribcage, lowering the air pressure in the chest so that the air enters by suction. This process leaves the lower lungs immobilized. Nothing is wrong with this, except that it takes about three times more of chest breathing to get the same amount of air into the lungs one can get from a single diaphragmatic breathing.

Clavicle breathing is even far worse than chest breathing. The clavicles of the collar bones are used to open up the upper portion of the lungs. Those with asthma or emphysema try to pant or breathe rapidly to get sufficient quantities of air pumping in the narrow little top pockets of the lungs controlled by the clavicles. This affects the heart which has too rapidly pump more blood through the lungs to compensate for the small surface area covered by the clavicle breathing.

We also do some clavicle breathing every time we are anxious or stressed out. Irregular, tense breathing can be caused by and lead to disorganized mental activity and chaotic thinking patterns, as well as physical, emotional and mental disease. Next time you feel uptight, change your breathing pattern. Take a few abdominal breaths, hold for a few seconds, then exhale long and slow. Your anxieties will melt away! Unfortunately, most of us forget how to do abdominal breathing.

Balanced Breathing

Two hemispheres of are responsible for different abilities and characteristic mode of expression of human individuality. The right side of the brains assumes the responsibility for the spatial, artistic, holistic, intuitive, and psychic side of our conception. The left side is responsible for our logical, rational, and analytical faculties and sequential and linear mode of the thoughts.

The left brain has the centers for verbal communication – reading, writing, talking and hearing. Our formal education uses more verbal than non-verbal communication, making much use of the left side of the cerebral lobe. The left side has the qualities of competitiveness, selfishness, and aggression or the male (yang) energy. The right side has the feminine (yin) qualities of love, compassion, and nurturing. Alternate breathing, or inhaling in one nostril as we close the other nostril with our finger, stimulates the opposite of the brain. This means that when we inhale through the right nostril, covering the left nostril, we stimulate the functions or qualities of the left side of the brain. Balance breathing through the right and left nostrils creates a balanced personality.

Dr. I.N. Rega, an EENT specialist in Bucharest, Romania conducted studies concerning nasal obstruction. One such study involved 200 patients suffering from one-sided nasal obstruction due to distortions and malformations of the nasal septum since birth. Dr. Rega found that 87% of those patients whose breath flowed predominantly on the left nostril suffered a higher than average incidence of a wide variety of respiratory disorders, including chronic sinusitis, middle and inner ear infections, partial or total loss of  the sense of smell, hearing and taste, recurrent pharyngitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis, chronic bronchitis, and bronchiectasis.

He found that they eventually were more likely to suffer from one or more of these disorders; amnesia, intellectual weakness, headaches, hyperthyroidism (with associated irritability), cardiopulmonary weakness (manifesting in palpitations asthma-like-attacks, and chronic heart failure), insufficiency of liver and gallbladder, persistently altered cellular constituents of the blood and lymphatic fluid, chronic gastritis and enter-colitis (with symptoms  of heartburn, gastric reflux, peptic ulcer and constipation), sexual and reproductive disorders (symptoms of dimunition of libido, menstrual irregularities, and diminished virility).

Twenty-six-percent of those whose breathing flowed predominantly through the right nostril were found to be predisposed to arterial hypertension and it’s numerous consequences.

Breathing Techniques

In his commentaries on the Tao Te Ching, Chuang Tzu, the second great Taoist master aster Lao Tzu, explains how the vital energy can flow through the body, giving its multiplicity of the benefits. “(Those) who attain longevity with the management (of breath), who forget all things and yet possess all things; whose placidity is unlimited, while all things to be valued attend them – such men pursue the way of heaven and earth, and display the characteristics of sages”. The whole body must be involved in the breathing process as this makes the blood circulate better, bringing oxygen to the extremities. To do so, a person can either use his mind to mobilize and bring the breath to the different vital energy centers along the spinal column or he can use movement. By doing Hatha yoga, chi kung or tai chi chuan exercises, a person mobilizes his energy around the body. It is said that men of ancient times used their heels to breathe.

Breathing through the heels is done standing with your feet apart as wide as your shoulders. Raise your arms forward as high as your shoulders while you inhale. Get the energy from the heels, by pushing your arms up against the pressure from the ground. This brings the energy you have gotten from the earth up the legs to the body and finally your arms. Exhale and press your hand down. The breathing must synchronize with the movement of your arms.

For asthma attacks or difficulty in breathing, do some deep abdominal breathing, as well as the following simple but effective breathing technique, which helps the constricted bronchioles of asthmatic patients.

Lie down on your back, your body straight. Put your palms on the floor, besides your body. Bring your legs together and relax your legs. Look straight forward. Exhale all the air from your body through the mouth in a continuous manner, as fast as, when you are whistling. The abdominal muscles should contract when you are exhaling.

Inhale slowly through the nose, expanding the abdomen. Keep the air in while stretching the toes forward, tightening the legs. Pull the stomach inwards and keep your hands stretched. There should be a mild tightening of the whole body. Hold this position for three to four seconds during the first week. Gradually increase to six to eight seconds during the second and third weeks. Retain air as long as it is comfortable for you. Then exhale again through the mouth. Repeat the exercise during inhalation. You can do three repetitions for the first time, gradually increasing, but don’t do over five repetitions. The stomach must be empty when doing this.

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In Remembrance of CORY

MrsPresidentCory4_filesIn August 1, 2009, as early as 3:18 am, my president, Mrs.President Cory Aquino passed away due to cardio-respiratory arrest after an 18 month of battle with colon cancer. She was 76.

I know that Cory passed away happy and satisfied, cause she had her children and countrymen with open eyes a clear mind of what democracy is. Her mission of toppling the Marcos regime and retaining democracy was well-done and after her presidency, as a private citizen, she continuous to battle the ones who abuse democracy. She is a true “democratic icon” not only in our nation but the world.
And even the event of her passing away, she awakens, she rocks and reminded us not to put into languish what she started fighting for. Her death awakens me and I hope it does to others.

I do not know how to thank her and Ninoy, but I think the only the way I could thank her is to continue maintaining the democracy she and Ninoy brought us. Bringing back democracy becomes her life and to maintain it, I know will make her happy wherever she is.

She is truly the Mother of Democracy, the nation’s mother.

She is a true heroine, a perfect example, and a religious icon too.

I got no words to described and how to thank my president, but I will offer all my respects to her till my last breath and hopefully maintain what she had been fighting for, so that I can proved to her and Ninoy that “WE ARE WORTH IT”.


The Greatest Love

face to faceMaria was very concerned with how she looked, especially her teeth. She was just not pleased with her image on the mirror. She had gone dentist hoping, feeling that each had only made her look worse. She went to have her nose fix, but they did a poor job. Each professional only mirrored her belief that she was ugly. Actually there is nothing wrong with how she looked.

Tina had a terrible breath that made people uncomfortable being around her. She was a theology student so her outer demeanor vibrated with piety and spirituality. Beneath this was a raging current of anger and jealousy that exploded from time to time, when thoughts of how a certain person was threatening her position. Her inner thoughts were expressed through her breath, and she was offensive even when she pretended to love. No one threaten her but herself.

We may know of people in similar situation – we may even be in it. We may scold and criticize ourselves endlessly. There could have been a time when praises and compliments surprised us, even made us feel uncomfortable. Again, criticism or reprimand seemed be safer water to tread. And if someone else expressed their love, sometimes we may have felt, “Why me?” – Or “You might be mistaking me for someone you know.” The belief that we are unlovable seems to be prevalent.

There is a litany of other negativities that could be included: we procrastinate on things that could benefit us. We are quite afraid to charge a decent price for our services. We create illness or pain in our body. We live in chaos and disorder, as reflected in how our house is arranged or how we work. We may even be attracting lovers and mates who belittle us.

By denying ourselves of our good, we show how we regard ourselves. Try to see these examples:

The husband is grouchy and tired; the wife wonders what she could have done to cause it.

A friend takes you out once or twice and never calls again. You think something must be wrong with you.

The marriage ends and one feels he/she is a failure.

An employee is afraid to ask for a raise.

We don’t close the sale or get the position we aim for and we are sure we are not good enough.

We mistreat our body with food, alcohol, or drugs.

A person is afraid of intimacy and allowing anyone to get close, so he/she has superficial friendships.

We can’t seem to make decisions and put other people on the spot to make decisions for us because we are quite sure that if we make them they will be wrong.

What about you, how do you show your lack of self-worth?

Problems and situations may be different but at the root of all these is how much we love ourselves. Some of you might even react on this, thinking that loving yourself is vanity or some kind of arrogance, an utter to conceit. These are beliefs that have nothing to do with love, but springs from fear. When we love ourselves, we respect ourselves and express gratitude for the miracle of our body and mind.

Loving ourselves can burst and overflow in all directions. Consequently, we feel love for the very process of life itself. We feel joy in being alive so we see beauty everywhere, in another person. We are curious and strive to learn more about how the universe works in us. Love is the miracle cure. Loving ourselves cures and transforms our lives.

Thanks to Marilitz “thoughts”.

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Using Your Intuition

When an insight suddenly occurs to you, you have tapped the trunk line of intuition. You can call this the buried sixth sense. Although uncalled for, intuition sends you clues about the world around you and often gives directions on what you need to do.

You heard about women’s intuition. Some husband would wonder, “I don’t know how she found out without anyone telling her”. Women sure have a way of feeling their way, or smelling trouble even if its miles away if someone they love is involved. A woman’s intuition often gets erring husbands busted by their wives.

Intuition is also hot in therapists, doctors and even businessmen. People try to tap into their intuition for guidance in decisions about love, health and work. Effective doctors rely no just on their physical instruments for diagnosis, which could point to 101 diseases, but also in learning to hear and trust their intuition. In the past, the cultivation of intuition was one of the major works of Egyptians, Chaldeans, Indians and Persians. The influence of their cultures extended beyond the great oceans. Today, intuition is developed enough for man to bring about greater cultures and civilizations. By opening our faculty of intuition, you can by-pass the traps set by the mind as dictated by modern civilization.

Your intuition can bring you information you won’t receive from any other source. If you are quiet and calm, you can experience how your intuition sends you messages and insights. This could even be happening right now. It’s just that you often dismiss these ideas because you were taught to think in a logical and rational manner.

If you let your intuition work, however, you’ll be surprised at how intelligent you seem to have become – certain concepts have become easily comprehensible, or you are able to “see” certain aspects not normally perceived by people. In fact, your intuition can also be like an inner doctor whom you turn to all kinds of advice. Your body gives you early warning signs on what is wrong with it; your intuition enables you to find out what is exactly and what to do about it.

Many people wonder if they are indeed id touch with intuition. We all have different ways of explaining it. It’s a feeling, a subtle turning or pulling in the navel area, which some people call the “gut instinct”. Sometimes, this sixth sense appears as a quickening of the heartbeat, hair standing on end, a queasy feeling, or a burning or tingling sensation. When something is right, you feel a sense of lightness, and when something is wrong, you feel heaviness.

The logical, conscious mind is compared to a big, bossy brother who drowns out and bullies the younger sister (or the intuitive voice) by dismissing its suggestions with quick, harsh, thunderbolt judgments. Try to trick your conscious mind once in a while and be uninvolved so you can find it easier to be intuitive.

As wise and knowledgeable as your intuition may be, don’t expect it to be totally relieving you of your decision-making responsibilities. Your intuition just provides you options to take, not absolute answers or solutions. You’re still responsible for weighing your intuitive impressions against the data found in reality and then making the ultimate decision. It’s never a question of preferring intuition over the intellect because you need both.

Without getting too esoteric, intuition can be an asset, health-wise. With the wisdom your body is telling you, you can collaborate with health practitioners. He, who feels it, knows it more. The doctors are only guide by what you tell them.

On its very deep aspect, intuition reveals three great qualities: illumination, understanding and love – a love that transcends all barriers, makes criticisms and produces separation. Intuition, according to a Tibetan sage, is synthetic understanding, a comprehensive grip of universality and loss of the sense of separateness. Intuition embodies universal love and identification with all living beings.

Next time, we will explore how to tap intuition and how to feel a lie or truth in your body.

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The Luxury of Spas

spa1Locate a patch of trees and expect to find water underneath as well. Just like plants, man can survive for many weeks without solid food as long as he has water to drink. Traditionally water is considered the source of all life. What magical powers water possess?

Immerse yourself in water and relieve the ills of the flesh. Known as hydrotherapy, this has been one of the most effective forms of medicine since the ancient times. Submersion in water allows tired tissues to relax and recover stamina. A warm bath stimulates circulation, luring blood to the body’s extremities to soothe, calm, and sedate.

On the other hand, cold water inhibits the circulation to the skin, redirecting blood to the vital organs in order to restore, energize, and build resistance to diseases. Bathing in a warm tub relaxes tense muscles, turning the mind inward and instilling that sense of peace as stress drifts away.

A spas bath is an extraordinary treatment when mineral-rich sea water or fresh spring water is used. For this reason, many of the sought-after spas in the world are located on coastal areas or adjacent to natural mineral springs. Coastal spas pump in sea water for thalassic therapy – Greek for “sea treatment”. The water is heated since it is believed that doing so increases the adoption of minerals.

Mineral water spas divert water gushing from its underground source into pipes connected to the treatment rooms. In a certain area, the quality of spring water may vary, some waters sparkling with natural carbonation, which increases circulation and flushes impurities out of the skin. According to those who bathe in such therapeutic waters, the bathe stimulates as well as relaxes the mind and draw out toxins from the body. These processes are intended to cool inflammation and makes muscles more supple. The water leaves the skin soft, velvety, and well-hydrated.

Right in your homes, create an ambiance that promotes rejuvenation. Turn off overhead lights, and use several candles instead. Play some lush, relaxing music. Diffuse the air and mix the spa water with some aromatic oils of aromatherapy. Decorate the rooms with flowers.

Water temperature is critical for an effective hydrotherapy treatment. For a relaxing bath, the temperature should be at 35degreesC for 10 to 15 minutes; sore muscles at 38degressC of five to 10 minutes. For an invigorating bath; five minutes at 18-24degreesC. You can use a kitchen thermometer to determine the water temperature.

If you prefer extremely hot baths, stay in the water no longer than five minutes. Hot water dries and tightens the skin and can leave you feeling “wiped out”. The Chinese believe that staying in hot water too long is unhealthy and drains your chi.

After bathing, splash yourself with cool water to tone and invigorate your skin. Cold water also closes the pores of the skin so you don’t get sick.

Massage is also an excellent compliment while you’re still in the tub. Natural sea sponges or loofah rolled down your back and shoulders stimulate and exfoliate the skin. A pumice stone can be used to remove foot calluses.

Plain water cleans very well. Don’t sit in a tub of soapy water. Doing so dries and irritates skin

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Checklist to Long Life


The great sages of ancient India gave man a priceless gift – one that would promote the maintenance and protection of his health. The gift is the ayurvedas, the oldest scientific medical system in the world with along record of clinical experience. With its holistic approach of combining the body, mind, and spirit, the ayurvedas shows how to cure diseases as well as promote longevity. The desire to maintain fitness, health, and longevity is one of the common aspirations of man.

A healthy person has a balanced digestion and metabolism, such as the function of his tissues and waste materials are normal. In such a healthy state, he achieves a well formed constitution, an attractive appearance, good muscular strength, and complete peace of mind. With good health, he gains recognition in the society, friendship with all people, honor, and wealth, since he has the energy and ability to achieve his goals.

Long life is a cherished desire by most people. However for those who are continuously rocked and tangled by the stress and pressures of a high-strung society, long life is vied as a dreadful nightmare. Whether you consider longevity as a curse or blessing, there are physical signs to show you if you are a possible candidate for long life. This information is contained in the chakara samhita, which dates back to around 1,500 BC. Some of this signs are repeated but at least you know exactly what tissues are in optimal condition and which ones are not. Check how many of these signs you might have:

*The skin of the individual is soft, smooth, firm and fine. The forehead is prominent, in the shape of a half moon. The ears, when viewed from the front, appear small, but appear large when raised up and full of flesh when seen from behind.

*The eyes show their white and black parts distinctly. The eyelashes are thick and well set. The nose is straight and moderately prominent, with large nostrils and the end rose up somewhat. The lips are red but not protruding. The jaws are large, as is the mouth. The teeth touch each other and are glossy, smooth, white in color, and equal ion size. The tongue is red, long, and thin. The chin is big and well-formed. The nails are thin, red, and rose up slightly. The hands and feet are rather large, glossy, full of flesh, and red-dish. The fingers are long and, when placed together, do not leave any space between them.

*The back of the body is expansive and the spine covered with flesh. The voice is deep and resonant, with a nasal sound to it, and lingers after speaking. The skin is glossy and vibrant. All the bones are appropriately   proportioned and capable of separate and easy movement. The joints are well-knit and strongly connected by muscle and blood, strong and full of flesh. The flesh and blood are best quality, in the right proportion, and all the limbs are ideally juxtaposed.

Such individuals of proportionate musculature and compactness of the body possess very good strength. With these, they can defend themselves from the onslaught of disease. They can stand hunger, thirst, heat, cold and severe physical exercise. They can digest and assimilate large amounts of food properly.

The optimal condition of the blood is seen in the quality of the skin – glossy, smooth, soft, attractive, thin, and tender. This glossy and red color is also seen in ears, mouth, tongue, lips, nose, palms, and soles of the feet.

When the muscle tissue is in the best condition, the back of the neck, forehead, temples, eyes, chin, shoulders, stomach, breast, and joints of the hands and feet become solid, strong, attractive, the voice deep and pleasing, the hair and nails soft and glossy.

When the bone tissue is in the best of health, you have large and well-formed heels, ankles, knees, elbows, collar bones, chin, and forehead. The other bones, nails, and teeth are large, compact, and steady. You know that your nerve tissue is working well when you possess a very soft but strong body, deep voice, glossy skin, and long, rounded joints. When the reproductive tissue is functioning well, you have an attractive personality, a joyful temperament, glossy, strong teeth, hair, nails, full red lips, and a good sexual capacity. Thanks to Marilitz “thoughts”.

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Happy Mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s Day


To all mothers in the world, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

To all mothers in the world that keep the “living entity” inside their womb, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

they drop themselves to the option of ABORTION, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


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