Church Battle Abortion

Quiapo Church

Quiapo church, located in the heart of Manila city, the home of the renowned Black Nazarene, battles abortion in front yard. Here are some brief excerpts from the local media about the history of Quiapo church:

The Black Nazarene statue was brought to Manila by the first group of Augustinian Recollect friars on May 31, 1606. The image was originally housed in the first Recollect church in Bagum-bayan (now part of the Rizal Park), which was established on September 10, 1606, and placed under the patronage of Saint John the Baptist.

In 1608, the image of the “Nazareno” was transferred to the second, bigger Recollect church dedicated to San Nicolas de Tolentino (Saint Nicholas of Tolentine). The Recollect Fathers dynamically promoted devotion to the Suffering of Our Lord represented by the image that in fifteen short years, the Cofradia de Santo Cristo Jesús Nazareno (Jesus of Nazareth) was established on April 21, 1621. The confraternity obtained Papal approval on April 20, 1650, from Pope Innocent X.

Sometime in the year 1787, then Archbishop of Manila, Basilio Sancho de Santas Junta y Rufina, ordered the transfer of the image of the Nazareno to the church in Quiapo, again providently placed under the patronage of SaintJohn the Baptist. The Black Nazarene made a lot of miraculous things. These are the survival of the image from the great fires that destroyed Quiapo Church in 1791 and 1929, the great earthquakes of 1645 and 1863, and the destructive Bombing of Manila in 1945 during World War II. Today the head and the cross stay on the Altar Mayor of the Minor Basilica, and the original body image of the Black Nazarene is used in the processions.

The Church

The church was surrounded by side-walk vendors of all kinds and they flock the church on Friday cause it is the day of the Black Nazarene. Vendors sells street foods, candle prayers(they buy candle and the vendor lights the candle for a certain request prayer), rosaries, flower sellers to the much infamous herbal stalls and the hex fortune tellers.

The herbal vendors sell medicinal herbs from common cold to flu, diarrhea, itch, bites, herbal teas for diabetes, roots and leaves that cures all and more. But the main attraction was herbs for miscarriage that sold like hot cakes on a casual manner. It all started an acrid potion for inducing menstruation. Originally devised to treat dysmenorrhea(menstrual cramps), it can trigger miscarriage in pregnant women when taken with the restricted anti-ulcer drug Cytotec.

“It all started in… 1995”

A loosed-lip peddler who claims she roamed Quiapo for forty years told the story.
A woman came. The woman told her story about Cytotec, prescribed to her by a doctor because she had ulcer and pregnant. She lost her baby. The story was spread around and many are looking for the pill.

Prostitutes, wives of contract workers overseas who miss their husband and commit adultery, wives of many children who don’t want more and students. Many times the mother of very young daughters who got pregnant buys the pills or when rape or incest caused the pregnancy. Middle class women impregnated under sordid circumstances are not beyond turning to Cytotec in their hour of need, often with full support of husband or boyfriend.

The Pill

Methergine, a drug used in hospitals used to control the bleeding of the uterus and expels the placenta after a woman gives birth. Like a chaser. Methergine is always sold with Cytotec in Quiapo.
Little guilt is shown in taking the pills, which are simply seen as a means of getting one’s period back after it stops due to fertilization. Never mind what else comes out when the flow comes gushing back.

What to expect after Abortion

A vendor describe the debris that comes with menstrual flow. “If the fetus is one month old, it will look like an egg yolk. If the fetus is two months old it will look like this”. She hold up a hefty thumb, shaped like a chubby chorizo.
“If you put it in a small plate, it will be whole”.
The vendor continues, “As much as possible, the fetus must be one to two months old,” with warns. “At three months, it will already be human”. Past six months of pregnancy, the fetus expelled by Cytotec may already be a mature baby that can survive outside the body.

When Cytotec fails to thoroughly expels the fetus and placenta, body parts and excess tissues are left inside the uterus. Curettage in the hospital is necessary to avoid infections and septic shock. Malfunction happens most of the time. Cytotec can also cause the entire uterus to rapture, that can lead to death and damage the whole reproductive system permanently. Future childbearing becomes impossible or a continuous pregnancy will result to a child born with serious mental and physical defects.

Sacred Shock Treatment

“Pregnant? Confused? Problems? We are ready to help”!
A poster say at the bulletin board at the entrance of Quiapo church. The church center for counseling contact numbers is printed at the bottom. At the middle is a picture of a blood-splattered fetus stuffed in a bowl with umbilical cord still attached. “This baby was killed by a self-poisoning abortion when the mother was 4 1/2 months pregnant”.

At high noon on selected days, the video wall outside the church that is used to broadcast masses to the spillover crowd in Plaza Miranda airs ultrasound footage of an eleven-week-old fetus floating happily in its mother’s womb while sucking its thumb. Suddenly, an abortionist’s curette appears, and the fetus frantically tries to evade it. With nowhere to hide, the fetus is ultimately scraped out of the womb in bleeding chunks. Last to go is the head, which is crushed for easy removal. The footage is taken from the 1984 documentary The Silent Scream, spliced with even more graphic video of dismembered fetal limbs, heads, eyeballs, and the voice of a child dramatically pleading for its life in Filipino.

This are just a few radical steps to squelch Cytotec trade around Quiapo church.

Church vs State

The church agrees that the demand for abortion pills exist because of too many unwanted pregnancies, but are there too many unwanted pregnancies because of lack of knowledge or information about contraception?

“Unwanted pregnancies cause illegal abortions, that’s a fact,” the church says. “But are we now supposed to promote contraceptives? Contraceptives will produce more abortions. Contraceptives will create a [culture of irresponsibility and selfishness]. The more people engage in selfish sex acts, the more you produce unwanted pregnancies, because contraceptives are not 100% [foolproof].”

(Not that anyone needs another recap, but here’s the gist of the tedious birth control debate: The Roman Catholic Church supports family planning, but only through natural means such as the withdrawal method and the Billings method. Advocates of artificial contraception in government and the medical community say this is unrealistic, because most people do not have the high degree of discipline and clockwork ovulation necessary to make natural family planning work.)

The church good explanation of their outlook is well said but a deeper philosophy, scientifically and spiritual concept is also needed. The roots of the problem must be explained elaborately.

Unwanted pregnancy roots from many grounds like premarital sex, free-sex, rape or incest and prostitution. But mainly on the diverted source of looking for
HAPPINESS : SEX! This is another great issue.

More Sex More Abortions

Around Metro Manila, fetuses were found on different places, in front of churches, trash cans, riversides, toilets in malls, cinemas, schools, hospitals, and backyards. They are just dump nonchalance.
A baby boy was found half-dead dumped in a park was revived and is now under the custody of the Department of Social Welfare. The alleged mother showed up in grief, despair, and full of regrets on what she did. Authorities is reviewing her case if they are going to file charges or not.

If women who use contraception have more sex, do they also have more abortions? Data from the 2008 report of the Guttmacher Institute and the UP Population Institute shows only 11% of the women who induced abortion were using artificial contraception when they conceived. Majority or 54% were not using any birth control method, while 35% were using natural family planning. The same study lists the chances of getting pregnant while using different contraceptive methods: 2% for IUDs (intra-uterine devices), 3% for injectables, 7% for birth control pills, 13% for condoms, 26% for withdrawal.

But the Church is immovable. “Sometimes we get into something because we think it’s a good tool,” the church said. “What we don’t know is there’s a whole culture behind that tool. Like computers. It can facilitate things, but there are dangers. Computers are now also being used to pollute the minds of the young, for the sex trade, for terrorism. There’s a whole world behind the tool.”

This abortion issue is centered only in Metro Manila. There are some news of fetus damping from rural places.

I will be posting issues on abortion on international cases, the roots explained and in depth analysis on prevention connecting thoughts on identity and spirituality.

Note: Some paragraph are excerpts from Special reports of our local networks.
Thank you.

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I have many athlete friends who are competing for international competitions. Many of them have seen the advantages of a vegetarian diet. But their coach has the impression that vegetarians have wobbly legs and are not very strong. For him, nothing beats the energy derived from meat. He thinks vegetarian athletes would definitely fare less in competitions than if they are carnivorous.

But what does an athlete need to compete at a high level of performance?  He needs determination – he wouldn’t do well without it. Of coarse, proper training is indispensable. But without the right amount of energy, all these are meaning less.

We’ve learned of many different ways by which we can attain a high energy level; we’re also told to do the dos and don’ts of proper nutrition. Now, we can believe everything we hear – the nest is to objectively know how carbohydrates fuel the athlete’s body with loads of energy.

We are talking about two basics types of carbohydrates; starches (complex carbohydrates) and sugars (simple carbohydrates). “Blood sugar” or glucose comes from simple carbohydrates. This kind of sugar circulates in our body and supplies it with energy. Starch is the most common carbohydrates. It is made up of hundreds of chains of glucose units. Starch provides a longer-lasting source of energy, since it has to be broken sown before the body can utilizes it.

Glycogen is the result when the body converts simple and complex carbohydrates. Glycogen is stored in the muscles and the liver as energy reserve. Carbohydrates – simple or complex – basically provide energy, but it is more advisable to eat foods rich in complex carbohydrates. Such carbohydrates don’t cause a sudden shoot up of energy like simple carbohydrates, which leaves us with an energy slam.

Aside from being an excellent source of dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates usually contain large amounts of essential nutrients. Root crops like potatoes, sweet potato, cassava, ube, bean sprouts, whole grain breads and cereals, pasta are example of such carbohydrates. Suger foods only provide excess calories and leave you feeling listless later on.

Athletes interested in being vegetarians may wonder when it is the best time to eat to have more energy. Studies made at the University of Texas Exercise Science labs show that our bodies uses carbohydrates most effectively within two hours after a work-out. John Ivy suggest that the best way to fight fatigue and still feed the muscles is to eat a protein and carbohydrates meal shortly after exercising, this will maximize the absorption of essential nutrients.

Carbo-loading is commonly known to athletes. The theory behind it is that by “starving” skeletal muscles of their primary source of energy (glycogen) for a few days-by eating high carbohydrates food in much smaller amounts than normal and increasing exercise – you can coax the muscles into soaking up glycogen when foods high in carbohydrates are eaten shortly before competition. According to research, a meal heavy in carbohydrates can boost muscles glycogen by nearly 80% and enhance endurance, if not speed.

A typical carbo-load diet reduces one’s intake of complex carbohydrates by about 40%-60% and adds more protein, fats (from beans, nuts, and dairy products), and fruits. Then two or three days before competition, one must increase his complex carbohydrates to 70%-75% of his diet, and eat at least three big meals of carbohydrates, with some proteins and fats.

Doing this increases the stored glycogen in the liver and muscles. Then the body can easily retrieve the stored glycogen, which it converts to energy. Glycogen is burned first for energy, and then if more is needed, the fats are used. If there is low body fat, proteins in tissues are tapped to provide energy.

With the carbo-loading diet, some athletes report an increase in their sexual energy and a good feeling known as “runner’s high”. So, who says vegetarians have wobbly legs? In fact Mr. Coach, I have two vegetarian friends excelling in international competitions; one of them has been a vegetarian since birth.

Thanks to Marilitz’s thoughts.

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Using Your Intuition

When an insight suddenly occurs to you, you have tapped the trunk line of intuition. You can call this the buried sixth sense. Although uncalled for, intuition sends you clues about the world around you and often gives directions on what you need to do.

You heard about women’s intuition. Some husband would wonder, “I don’t know how she found out without anyone telling her”. Women sure have a way of feeling their way, or smelling trouble even if its miles away if someone they love is involved. A woman’s intuition often gets erring husbands busted by their wives.

Intuition is also hot in therapists, doctors and even businessmen. People try to tap into their intuition for guidance in decisions about love, health and work. Effective doctors rely no just on their physical instruments for diagnosis, which could point to 101 diseases, but also in learning to hear and trust their intuition. In the past, the cultivation of intuition was one of the major works of Egyptians, Chaldeans, Indians and Persians. The influence of their cultures extended beyond the great oceans. Today, intuition is developed enough for man to bring about greater cultures and civilizations. By opening our faculty of intuition, you can by-pass the traps set by the mind as dictated by modern civilization.

Your intuition can bring you information you won’t receive from any other source. If you are quiet and calm, you can experience how your intuition sends you messages and insights. This could even be happening right now. It’s just that you often dismiss these ideas because you were taught to think in a logical and rational manner.

If you let your intuition work, however, you’ll be surprised at how intelligent you seem to have become – certain concepts have become easily comprehensible, or you are able to “see” certain aspects not normally perceived by people. In fact, your intuition can also be like an inner doctor whom you turn to all kinds of advice. Your body gives you early warning signs on what is wrong with it; your intuition enables you to find out what is exactly and what to do about it.

Many people wonder if they are indeed id touch with intuition. We all have different ways of explaining it. It’s a feeling, a subtle turning or pulling in the navel area, which some people call the “gut instinct”. Sometimes, this sixth sense appears as a quickening of the heartbeat, hair standing on end, a queasy feeling, or a burning or tingling sensation. When something is right, you feel a sense of lightness, and when something is wrong, you feel heaviness.

The logical, conscious mind is compared to a big, bossy brother who drowns out and bullies the younger sister (or the intuitive voice) by dismissing its suggestions with quick, harsh, thunderbolt judgments. Try to trick your conscious mind once in a while and be uninvolved so you can find it easier to be intuitive.

As wise and knowledgeable as your intuition may be, don’t expect it to be totally relieving you of your decision-making responsibilities. Your intuition just provides you options to take, not absolute answers or solutions. You’re still responsible for weighing your intuitive impressions against the data found in reality and then making the ultimate decision. It’s never a question of preferring intuition over the intellect because you need both.

Without getting too esoteric, intuition can be an asset, health-wise. With the wisdom your body is telling you, you can collaborate with health practitioners. He, who feels it, knows it more. The doctors are only guide by what you tell them.

On its very deep aspect, intuition reveals three great qualities: illumination, understanding and love – a love that transcends all barriers, makes criticisms and produces separation. Intuition, according to a Tibetan sage, is synthetic understanding, a comprehensive grip of universality and loss of the sense of separateness. Intuition embodies universal love and identification with all living beings.

Next time, we will explore how to tap intuition and how to feel a lie or truth in your body.

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Checklist to Long Life


The great sages of ancient India gave man a priceless gift – one that would promote the maintenance and protection of his health. The gift is the ayurvedas, the oldest scientific medical system in the world with along record of clinical experience. With its holistic approach of combining the body, mind, and spirit, the ayurvedas shows how to cure diseases as well as promote longevity. The desire to maintain fitness, health, and longevity is one of the common aspirations of man.

A healthy person has a balanced digestion and metabolism, such as the function of his tissues and waste materials are normal. In such a healthy state, he achieves a well formed constitution, an attractive appearance, good muscular strength, and complete peace of mind. With good health, he gains recognition in the society, friendship with all people, honor, and wealth, since he has the energy and ability to achieve his goals.

Long life is a cherished desire by most people. However for those who are continuously rocked and tangled by the stress and pressures of a high-strung society, long life is vied as a dreadful nightmare. Whether you consider longevity as a curse or blessing, there are physical signs to show you if you are a possible candidate for long life. This information is contained in the chakara samhita, which dates back to around 1,500 BC. Some of this signs are repeated but at least you know exactly what tissues are in optimal condition and which ones are not. Check how many of these signs you might have:

*The skin of the individual is soft, smooth, firm and fine. The forehead is prominent, in the shape of a half moon. The ears, when viewed from the front, appear small, but appear large when raised up and full of flesh when seen from behind.

*The eyes show their white and black parts distinctly. The eyelashes are thick and well set. The nose is straight and moderately prominent, with large nostrils and the end rose up somewhat. The lips are red but not protruding. The jaws are large, as is the mouth. The teeth touch each other and are glossy, smooth, white in color, and equal ion size. The tongue is red, long, and thin. The chin is big and well-formed. The nails are thin, red, and rose up slightly. The hands and feet are rather large, glossy, full of flesh, and red-dish. The fingers are long and, when placed together, do not leave any space between them.

*The back of the body is expansive and the spine covered with flesh. The voice is deep and resonant, with a nasal sound to it, and lingers after speaking. The skin is glossy and vibrant. All the bones are appropriately   proportioned and capable of separate and easy movement. The joints are well-knit and strongly connected by muscle and blood, strong and full of flesh. The flesh and blood are best quality, in the right proportion, and all the limbs are ideally juxtaposed.

Such individuals of proportionate musculature and compactness of the body possess very good strength. With these, they can defend themselves from the onslaught of disease. They can stand hunger, thirst, heat, cold and severe physical exercise. They can digest and assimilate large amounts of food properly.

The optimal condition of the blood is seen in the quality of the skin – glossy, smooth, soft, attractive, thin, and tender. This glossy and red color is also seen in ears, mouth, tongue, lips, nose, palms, and soles of the feet.

When the muscle tissue is in the best condition, the back of the neck, forehead, temples, eyes, chin, shoulders, stomach, breast, and joints of the hands and feet become solid, strong, attractive, the voice deep and pleasing, the hair and nails soft and glossy.

When the bone tissue is in the best of health, you have large and well-formed heels, ankles, knees, elbows, collar bones, chin, and forehead. The other bones, nails, and teeth are large, compact, and steady. You know that your nerve tissue is working well when you possess a very soft but strong body, deep voice, glossy skin, and long, rounded joints. When the reproductive tissue is functioning well, you have an attractive personality, a joyful temperament, glossy, strong teeth, hair, nails, full red lips, and a good sexual capacity. Thanks to Marilitz “thoughts”.

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Past Links From the Past

couple1We often say that, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” The past is done over and done with. We should turn the book of life if we want to get anywhere. We cannot change the past. Why delve in it when the present already offers much to think about? Is there any value in the past?
The past may be gone but it has left its imprints in the present. We are what we are today
because of the past. Our thoughts, attitudes, our beliefs today are results of the past. In fact, the impression may be so deep that we may be pushing now because someone had hurt us before. Some people put up a hard façade as a form of defense from the pain. Deep resentment patterns influence us today.
Why wait to be the life’s knife-edge and panic before we resolve these resentments? Now is the time to dissolve and resolve these resentments. In the state of panic, it will be very difficult to focus the minds on the healing work. So right now, we simply have to take some time off to deal with those hidden fears first.
If we believe we are helpless and victims of the past, nature will support us in that belief. We vindicate ourselves and foolishly go down the drain due to such beliefs. This is why we must release ourselves from outmoded, negative ideas, and beliefs that we are not maintaining nor nourishing us. As I’ve told my friends,” Why do you’ve need to strap this heavy load on your back? You don’t need to. You can snip it off and be a happier person.”
To release ourselves from the past, it is vital that we forgive not just others, but especially ourselves. Forgiveness may not come that easily. We may not know how nor even want to forgive, but if we are aware that we must and, at least, are willing to forgive, our healing process begins.
For us to heal, it is essential to release ourselves from the past and forgive everyone. “I forgive you for not being the way I wanted you to be. I forgive you for your shortcomings and set you free.” To come to the point of even saying that may take a lot from us but this is how we heal ourselves.
In the Course of Miracles, it is stated, “All disease comes from a state of unforgiving” and “Whenever we are ill, we need to look around to see whom it is that we need to forgive.” When we are ill, we need to search from within the depths of our hearts to see whom it is we need to forgive. Quite revealing that the very person whom you’re least incline to forgive is the one you need to let go of the most. When we forgive, it doesn’t mean we now condoning or consenting to that person’s behavior or the situation. Forgiveness means letting go. We may not even know how to forgive but to bring to ourselves to want to do so invite nature to step in and take care of the rest.
No one understands our own pain as much as we do. It is easier for us to lock ourselves in what we are going through and forget others who are involved in that experience. Often, it is also difficult for us to understand that those we need to forgive the most are also in pain. We need to understand that those people are doing the best they can with the understanding, awareness and knowledge they have at the moment.
Just as we accept others and try to understand the way they are, we should the same to ourselves. Again, this not to condoned nor justify any mistakes we’ve made, but this must be an acceptance and love for ourselves. From there, we can work out what needs to be done. The past can be change by changing our attitudes about it. But first we must not reject or punish ourselves. This creates many miracles in our life in terms of an improved health, more fulfilling relationships and even more money. We begin to loosen up and express ourselves in more creative, fulfilling ways. It’s almost like magic: everything seems to happen without our even trying too hard.
When we love and approve of ourselves, we create a space of trust and acceptance which in turn creates some organization in or mind. More loving relationships in our life, attraction of a new job and a better place to live in. people who love themselves and their bodies neither abuse neither themselves nor others. Charity begins at home. No charity begins with oneself.
Thanks to Marilitz “thoughts”.

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Where Is Real Happiness

tearHappiness is all around us. It is everywhere in our daily life, even in our sleep, even in our dreams. We can just sit and think of our happy moments in life and we are happy instantly. But where is real happiness? Where is the reality that happiness is satisfying?

Having a Big Mac is happiness, a new PSP for John or new I Pod for Jane is happiness. Having a new born at home is happiness, a new car, a new big bike or brand new shoes is happiness.

A winner in the lottery is happiness, a beautiful girlfriend or spouse is happiness or a handsome gay spouse is happiness too.

Being Mohammed Ali or Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is happiness. Once, Ali quoted, “I am the greatest”

Think for yourself that you are Princess Dianna, the unsullied virgin Princess of Wales, that is well prepared looking out for love and she only knew that she was loved for herself and nothing more, is that happiness?

Imagine if you are Gates, Ford or Getty and you had the most amounts to spend on what? What will I buy to make me happy, mansions, luxury cars, high tech homes, or beautiful women or handsome men?

Beauty, Power, Wealth, Strength, Fame, are having these qualities gets us to happiness, bliss and satisfaction?

“Hostel” depicts the unsatisfactory nature of a person, unsatisfied with sex which always used to be, people tried to seek satisfaction to obscure, vague and inhuman acts. “Snuff” movie is another. Andrei Chikatolo, a Ukranian serial killer, “The Rostov Ripper”, a sexual deviant, confessed that he was only able to achieve orgasm by slashing and stabbing his victims rather than outwardly raping them.

De Rais, a French noblemen and a serial killer, would sit on the stomach of his dying victim and pleasure himself.

Sex is named as the highest enjoyment in life but it is the most unfulfilled. Opposite sex becomes boring and same sex, rapes, orgies and heterosexuality is next. Still, sex with children or pedophile is another pursuit. Sex with animals is another chase. Still not satisfied, people look over and over again for another quest and pursuit to happiness.

Do not forget JOKES. You can see laugh bars and comedian café like “Clowns” and others are fully booked. It is another pursuit of happiness.

In his book Small Is Beautiful, noted British economist E. F. Schumacher wrote:
Insights of wisdom … enable us to see the hollowness and fundamental dissatisfaction of a life devoted primarily to the pursuit of material ends, to the neglect of the spiritual. Such a life necessarily sets man against man and nation against nation, because man’s needs are infinite and infinitude can be achieved only in the spiritual realm, never in the material.*

It is a fact that no matter how much sense gratification a person gets, he will never be satisfied. Material food, material things, material sense gratification cannot satisfy the atma (spirit soul). Just as the body needs material food, so the spirit soul needs spiritual food. To try to satisfy one’s spiritual craving with material things leads to endless consumption, greed, envy, violence, and war. Western people have as much sense gratification as one could ever want, yet they are not satisfied. Why? Because they are spiritually empty.

On the brighter side;

When a mother gave birth to her child, in spite of the painful experienced, she automatically puts a smile upon seeing her new born. And as the years go by, she always give a smile seeing her child grows doing laughing tricks or even naughty jokes, even though engage everyday on taking care of her child.

A mother and child relationship or parents and children, or friend to friend relationship, boy or girl, husband and wife relationship, or a politician or king to his followers and kinsmen relationship exist a certain degree or phase of happiness.

In every relationships manifest a different phase angle of happiness and of coarse sadness and grief comes along. This is another subject to discuss sometime.

A philanthropist or a non- profit organization that donates or give cash, food, goods or services to the needy in every part of the world is experiencing a special form of bliss.

Bono‘s campaign to cancel Third World debt to developed nations; the Gates Foundation‘s massive resources and ambitions, such as its campaigns to eradicate malaria and river blindness; the E.V.A Charity Foundation aims to support the Aeta people, displaced by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo; are just some of institutions that gives charity for a certain cause.

Seeing the alleviation of those needy, gives an overwhelming feeling, a certain kind of happiness no one can describe. A motherly love, friendship or a loving relationship and a servant to master kinship, gives a special smile or felicity; especially when one do not expect something in return. This is more of a higher taste and thoughts for every person, cause “human life is meant for thoughtfulness”

If you believe that you are your body, you will strive endlessly to give your body sensual pleasure. You will struggle to fill up your inner emptiness with fleeting sensual flashes. But no amount of sensual pleasure will satisfy you. No matter how many taste orgasms, sexual orgasms, and other kinds of orgasms you may have, you still won’t be actually satisfied. You’ll always have a never ending desire for more.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)
© 2007 Science of Identity Foundation

It is natural for us to want to be happy, satisfied, and free. But due to ignorance of our true identity, our natural longing becomes misdirected and leads to further bondage and unhappiness.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler, © 2007 Science of Identity Foundation

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sign3No one gets sick overnight. Usually, nature sends her warning signals every time there is a breach of any law. If the person ignores her signals, and continues with his present diets and habits, then nature has no other recourse but deprive the person of his normal functions.

For instance due to a person’s bad diet, unclean habits, and other distressful activities, less urination occurs. More toxins accumulate in the body. In the Ayurvedic medicine, the fire of the stomach becomes weak, so there is loss of appetite. The ingested food then cannot properly breakdown, resulting in constipation or loose bowel movement. This, in turn , affects the quantity of impure blood produced. when there is improper oxidation of blood, wastes are not eliminated.

An accumulation of carbon dioxides and toxins slows down the function of a particular organ, thereby reducing its vitality and increasing its fatigue. These accumulated wastes inhibit the flow and penetration of the internal energy and the recharging needed by that organ. This is how diseases flourish around the particular organ, later becoming reflected on the specific areas of the person’s palms and soles.

Before looking for or getting some treatment or relief, we must first understand the language of the body. Body signals like belching indicates that the stomach is full. An ache or pain in the certain areas shows congestion of carbon dioxide, water, fire element, air. Runny nose or sneezing means the body is trying to throw out excess water.

Cough signals that the body is feeling cold or congestion  has to be cleaed up the throat and the chest.

Itching shows that a greater flow of blood is required around the affected part. Fever indicates the war inside the body, i.e., the white blood cells, our well trained soldiers, battling with germs or pathogenic bacteria.

Loss of appetite reveals that the congestion and constipation, or the body is busy fighting the disease. In such a case, only lukewarm water and fruit juices or buttermilk should be taken instead of further taxing the stomach with food. Pain in the heart or chest pains shows that the heart is longing for total rest. Try to have some bed-rest for 24 to 72 hours.

Understanding the language of the body and paying heed of its warning signals is more vital than just taking in medications to suppress the symptoms. In some cases, the sudden stoppage of fever has oftentimes resulted in some worst disease-even in paralysis.

To obtain a quick relief from the early warning signs of a sick body and to break the vicious cycle of diseases mentioned, health experts advise age-old methods to recharge our inner battery or to make the subtle internal energy or chi circulate properly. One method is pranayam or deep abdominal breathing, where the abdomen expands upon inhalation and contracts upon exhalation. Drink lukewarm water or an electrolyte drink like Gatorade.

Skip a meal or two. Reduce food intake and have more fruits and vegetables juices and buttermilk, thereby allowing the digestive system to rest. Sleep recharges the battery of our body. More valuable than medicine is a good sleep, especially when one feels tired, or when there  is pain in more than two or three  points in your palms and soles.

One of the vital points check is the solar plexus, or the nabhi chakra, which is located below the sternum.

According to the Ayurvedas, this is the controlling center for all the organs below the diaphragm. There are ways to also confirm if the solar plexus is in the proper condition. In the morning, on an e,pty stomach, when you lie down on a hard surface on your back, press your navel with your finger or thumb. Throbbing sensations like that of the heart is felt. That means that the system is alright.

Another way of checking the condition of the solar plexus is measuring the distance between the right nipple and the navel and the left nipple and the navel. If the distance is equal, then you have no problem, but if the center has shifted upwards or downwards, then you’ve got a problem. Also, you can lie on your back, keeping yours arms straight on your sides. Keep the legs straight and the toes upright.

The two big toes must be level. If they are not, it indicates a disturbance in the solar plexus.

The center shifts  upward or downward when excess weight is lifted, or when there is severe gas trouble. In such cases, the throbbing will not be noticed somewhere around the navel. The upward shifting of the solar plexus leads to constipation, and the downward shifting brings more motions every  time there is a pressure. If a person has cancer of the colon, there is chronic constipation and it has been found out that the solar plexus has moved upwards. It is advisable to check the position of the solar plexus before starting a treatment. The solar plexus is like the mains springs of a watch. Unless it is set right, treatment may not give the desired result.

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