3Ways Diseases Stay Away (Part 3)

Over accumulation and consumption is bad for the health both physically and mentally. Over accumulation of ones need has a chain reaction effect beginning from ones self up to others and even to the environment.
Depression, anxiety and frustration are moods and mental health unbalance that affects ones existence.
At home, parents are dutifully bound for the future of their children and as years pass both (boy and girl) kids were on high school. The girl did not finish high school, started dating, got pregnant and force on marriage. The boy on the other hand was pushing hard on his schooling, trying his best not to disappoint his elders.
Parents, the son and the daughter are all experiencing anxiety. The parents are both stress out of frustration for their dreams for both children’s future. They both work hand in hand, the father work hard at the office to be a good provider and mother work at home everyday to serve the needs of the children and the husband.
For both the son and daughter, they always look up for the wants of their parents because this is for their own sake, to attain a degree and have a good job and a better future ahead. But fate is not always at hand and control, but the anxiety, frustration and stress of the father, mother, son, and daughter strikes on multiple angles and effect for each of them.
These negative effect from these mood of frustrations and anxieties produces loneliness, stress out of worries of everything like the efforts but the lack of fulfillment, the anxiety of wanting something, like expectation of high grades on the school but grades results are low just to please the parents, these are just the every day ordinary experience of individuals in their ordinary lives.
A man who marries a very beautiful woman feels insecure from passionate men and afraid and frantic of loosing her; a wealthy businessman is always anxiety over his wealth, from his business competitors, from burglars and outlaws and from corrupt politicians. He doesn’t know where to put his accumulated wealth, don’t know where to spend it, and endless anxiety to loose it. A blocked road, lack of money, lack of sexual activity or sexual problems is cause of frustration of wanting something but one can not have.
All these effect triggers ones existence and even leads to suicide or death. This is where diseases come; this is its internal and psychological effect. One seeks outlets in life that are unhealthy like chain smoking, alcoholism, drugs, indiscriminate gambling, over sex and over consumption of everything because of emptiness. Frustration and loneliness attracts disease easily.
They say that”Laughter is the best medicine”. Positive thinkers rally their way with their philosophy, “Think positive”, to overcome frustrations. Always smile and forget the problems of life cause in every problem there is always a solution.
The author of”Smiley” was until now smiling because of its marketing results as a blockbuster and best seller. The author was an instant millionaire. Be happy!

3Ways Diseases Stay away

3Ways Diseases Stay Away

Science, philosophy and religion combined in one aspect-cleanliness.

Religion says that “cleanliness is next to godliness” which is acceptable by people from all walks of life, regardless of one being a Catholic, Muslim, or if you’re a member of any religious sect, Cleanliness is highly consider.
Different religions consider the act of cleanliness as it manifest in their different lifestyles. Others wear white outfits every time they go to their churches, temples or place of worships, because white symbolizes purity. But others view cleanliness on a much higher platform. Cleanliness of the heart, mind and spirit, a clean mind does not see a beautiful woman and contemplate desirously with all passion in the mind. Some religious sect sees this contemplation of the mind as a grievous sin, a sinful unclean act.

Yes, scientifically proven that being clean in ones habit are prone not to sickness. Like washing ones hands before and after eating or doing anything the body is concerns with.
The more sensitive people pay more attention on drinking clean water, breathing in clean air and an environment away from air or noise pollution of rural places. They seek a cleaner and sensitive lifestyle with all the health food awareness in mind, with exercises and all the fitness food supplements.
There was a community in India that wears mask 24/7, to avoid breathing in living species that exist in air environment and less “karma” too. They say that sleeping is as worst as sweating in a work-out because while sleeping all the toxic wastes of the skin and the body excretes while sleeping, so these community changes their sleeping tools like blankets fanatically everyday.
Home, schools, office works, malls, theaters, playgrounds, restaurants and food chains and hospitals, where most people practically dies, practice severe rules and practices of cleanliness. Maybe this is required by laws, yes a requirement or not one must, it is a must to practice and make it a life style of cleanliness to keep sickness away, its one way of preventing one misery after the other.

3Ways Diseases Stay Away (part 2)